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Hey guys and girls:)
I might have discontinued the mystic messengers books but if you're interested in Kpop you could check out my new story I'm currently writing called 'Miss CEO-Park Jimin'. (Yes my bias is park Jimin that bastard who stole my heart HAHA)
You might think why I have so much time writing the current book but not post anymore pictures on here or any of the mystic messengers books, and that's because I have been a fan of kpop especially Bts (hehe) for a few years now and it has been like a dream to write a fan fiction based on them:)) (I have been drafting the story for a long time now so heh)
I hope everyone could at least check out the first episode, so far there's only a few episodes but I plan on having at least 20 or more episodes by 2019.
•The story is quite long-winded but detailed and is based on your POV.

DESCRIPTION OF THE BOOK (ignore if you want)
The story is about you and a handsome billionaire, Park Jimin, where both of you were forced to marry each other, but you are a rival with a millionaire who loves Jimin. Her friends and herself bully you in your rich school but they don't know that you are also a billionaire. What happens next? Read the story to find out! -don't worry, the rest of the bts members will also be in the story.

I started the story not long ago but I hope you will support me and my journey of being a writer! Thank you:D

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