Written with love [Karma Akabane]

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Singer! Karma x Reader


You felt a pair of eyes watch you.

You felt a pair of golden eyes watch you out of million of fangirls.

You felt his presence-

"The next song I will sing is 'Question,' with the band. I will invite a fan up to the stage and we can dance together. Fangirls let out a scream as they waited to be chosen.

Karma looked at you with a smile, however girls around you thought it was them, arguing.

You were in the front row, your friend managed to get vip tickets. This shocked you and you thought of the ways she bribed people. Your friend nudged your should, grinning, pushing you forward.

Karma smiled at you and reached out for your hand, other fangirls reached out to dance with him but he only had his eyes on you.

You were pulled onto the stage and Karma grinned, "Let's do this together." he whispered. You smiled back.


"OMG I GOT TICKETS TO SEE THE BAND, KORO-KORO!" you friend screamed as she banged your door.

"I'm coming wait," you ran, opening the door.



"We get to see Karma Akabane!"


Truth was you weren't really into music and if you were you never listened to Karma's music. You knew he was popular and handsome as he was the only thing girls would talk about. You knew him from your favourite TV show, 'Assassination classroom.'

Karma was a well known singer, as a quiet and awkward person it didn't really match. His mischievous bad boy personality made fangirls scream.

Without letting you decide, your friend locked the door (with the spare key you gave her) and dragged to towards the train station.

"Ouch! Where are we going Miku?" you asked, half awake.

"He's concert is on tonight, I managed to get free V.I.P tickets. It was a gift for solving an unsolvable case, Aki will meet us there. Omg! We get to meet Karma backstage and get a photo."

You let Miku continue to fangirl as she thought about the scenarios (yikes somebody has written them in 50 years) and laughed.

You arrived at the concert and it was jam packed with many fangirls, though there was about 1 more hour till it started, people were sitting in their seats chatting happily. Huge signs of Karma Akabane and his crew on huge posted around the auditorium. Many different posters with him posing.

You couldn't deny the fact he was hot, slapping your cheeks and you tried to remember why you were here

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You couldn't deny the fact he was hot, slapping your cheeks and you tried to remember why you were here.

"V.I.Ps go here! Aki! Here!" Miku jumped up.

"Woah, I can't believe we're actually meeting him!" Aki squealed.

Aki and Miku your two best friends were big fans of Karma Akabane. They didn't like him romantically as in a husband but they loved him as an idol and role model. He even had his own TV show called 'Assassination Classroom' which you loved.

"Would all fans who have a VIP pass head to the backstage entrance." the speakers spoke.

"That's us!"

Aki dragged you and Miku by the arm, containing her squeals as her dream was becoming real.

Karma was waiting backstage with a happy smile of his face, you tugged your friend's jacket feeling timid and shy.

"Hello, I'm Aki! These are my friends Miku and [Y/N]." you gave a small smile but that was enough to catch the boy's attention.

"I'm Karma Akabane as you know, it's nice to meet you." He shook your hands and took a photo with you, you refused and said goodbye to the celebrity after chatting with him for a while. Little did you know the boy had his eyes on you. [Y/N] he whispered.


The period head handed you a microphone and you squealed. Grabbing it firmly you sung the first few words of the lyrics. You knew the song off by heart because a certain someone wouldn't stop singing it. Two people in fact.

You danced on stage, watching as the fangirls waved their glow sticks and the auditorium darkened around you. The stage was lit with a variety of neon colours, a smoke machine was blowing smoke creating a magically experience for you.

You sang and danced a few more songs with Karma. The male had never had so much fun in his life before. He was always pursued by fake fans and people who wanted fame. You intrigued him and he wanted to get closer with you.

The song ended, before you left Karma gave you his phone number. Writing his phone number on the wasabi code so nobody would know.

You smiled at him and thanked him for the magical experience. You knew it would not be the last time you saw him, in fact you were going to see him more in the future.

[Planning a part 2 but I don't really know lol]


Thank you for reading!

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