Part 144*

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Shravan: Any update's Pushkar??

Pushkar: Nothing much. Looks like Varma just went home. His phone records have been hacked. He hasn't made any suspicious calls either. He called his wife five minutes ago, but other than that, nothing.

Shravan: Ok, just stay on the look out.

Pushkar: I will Bhaiya! How's Sumo doing??

Shravan: She's alright. Just eager to get this case over with, you know?

Pushkar: Yeah I bet. Even Preeti is saying the same thing. I feel bad for putting her through all of this stress right now.

Shravan: I'm sorry Pushkar. This is such a joyous time for you and because of my problems you and Preeti aren't able to enjoy.

Pushkar: Come on Bhaiya, you guys are family.

Shravan: (laughing) But you better not try to kill me like that Verma and Aditya said!

Pushkar: (laughing) I'll kill you will laughter!

Shravan: And your lame jokes.

Pushkar: Hey! My jokes are amazing!

Shravan: Ah huh. And I'm invisible too. (smirking) 

Pushkar: Bhaiya you are——-

Beep. Beeep. Beeeeeep.

Shravan: (confused) What happened Pushkar?! What's going on?!

Pushkar: He's on the move! Verma just left his house!!

Shravan: What?! Where is he going?! Check fast!!

Pushkar: Ok, it appears to be that he's on his car! Here's a satellite image!

Shravan: White sedan! That's his car!

Pushkar: He's traveling south bound! What's he up to??

Shravan: South bound......Who lives in the southern part of this city?? That's not a residential area is it?

Pushkar: Not really. But they have a couple of small houses there.

Shravan: Lets see where that jerk goes.

Shravan and Pushkar continue to focus of the computer screen image that is tracking Verma's location. They see him driving through the city but remained confused as to where he is going.

Shravan: Where is that idiot going?! That is such a random part of the city. It's such a poor neighborhood. Who can he possibly meet there? 

Pushkar: I have no clue Bhaiya. But he just stopped moving! That means that he had arrived at his location. 

Shravan: That address doesn't ring a bell. Do you even know where that is Pushkar? 

Pushkar: I have no clue.

Pushkar and Shravan begin thinking about the place and what or who might be there. It is as if a light bulb flashes in Shravan's brain, his whole face lights up and his eyes widen. 

Shravan: Wait a minute! I know where that is!!



Pushkar: WHO BHAIYA????? 


Judge: Order! Order ! Order! Mr. Shravan and Mr. Verma! Today is that last day for the both of you to present any evidence in regards to that Aditya Ahuja Attempt of Rape and Murder case. Defense, would you like to say anything?

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