Yes, I'm different, but he loves me [Chapter One]

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<P>--Ariane's P.O.V (pronounced AIRY- ANN)--</P>

<P>I'm sitting in Math class, listening to the teacher drone on and on about Algebra. Personally, I could care less about school. What I am doing after I graduate, I don't need any classes. The only reason I am here is because I can't ruin my parents "reputation". A bunch of good for nothing parents if you ask me. They're never around, it's only me, my older brother Rory and my little sister Tylee. My parents weren't even around to raise Tylee, it's been me and Rory all along, since she was born. Mom had her, and left her with us. My parent's travel a lot and that's about all I know. None of us know why they travel constantly, they don't tell us a thing. Some days it feels like we are a burden on them, so they just ditched us here in Sydney, Australia. I can't complain, I love it here, but it would be nice to have parents around to acutally take care of us. The sound of the bell brought me from the rambling in my head. While I was gathering my stuff to head to Art class, a familiar and annoying voice caught my attention. "Hey vamp!" I groaned and turned around to see one of my brothers friends, Justin. "Why do you guys call me vamp ?! I look nothing like a vampire, I wear Abercrombie & Fitch, Aeropostale, Hollister, all the preppy brands you wear, and I HARDLY have any black clothes. I got BLUE eyes and BLONDE hair for frick sakes !" I rambled, frustrated with the stupid nickname my brothers friends come up with. Justin chuckled and replied, " Hey calm down A ! I didin't come here to tease you, I came here to ask if you work at the parlor tonight." I dropped my text book and looked up at him with my eyebrows lifted. "Why the hell are you asking ? I thought tattoo and piercing parlors "weren't your thing"? " Yeah, I guess thats why they call me vamp girl. I love piercings and tattoos and I even work at a tattoo/piercing parlor. I have been blessed with the talent of art, so I am a tattoo artist in the making. " Hey now A, be nice. I don't have to be all vampire-ish to want a tattoo you know. I was just wondering if you could tattoo me?" I couldn't hold my laughter in. I burst out laughing in his face. "YOU want ME to tattoo YOU ? Why ? There are other people that work there, why can't you get them to do it ?" I put my books in my bag and started walking out the door, thinking I would lose Justin, but no, he soon caught up with me. He grabbed my wrist and spun me around to look at him right into his eyes. " Come on please Ariane. I'm begginng you." He never calls me by my first name I thought to myself. I groaned and let out a big sigh. " FINE. Be there at 7 sharp ! No later, really I don't have time to waste". His face lit up and he hugged me. My face was smeared with shock as whispered in me ear, " By the way, I like your ass in those jeans", he pulled away, gave me a wink and bounced off to his friends happily. I stood there with my mouth probably dragging on the ground. Disgusting, my brothers bestfriend totally hit on me. I was walking to Art class comepletely lost in my thoughts, and obviously not paying attention to where I was walking when I tripped over a person sitting in the hall way. Just as I was about to hit the ground, I felt someone grab my wrist, holding me inches above the ground. I was pulled up quickly and into someone's strong embrace. I slowly looked up, feeling my face burning with embarrassment to see Stephen with his trademark grin. "Wow A, I thought you were a lot more stable on your feet. I guess I'm always going to have to look after you." I groaned knowing that a new nickname was bound to be started now. "So let me guess, you're probably just thinking of another great nickname for me that you and the rest of my brothers friends can make fun of me?" I suddenly noticed I was still in his embrace, I pulled away and started to gather my stuff to head to Art. A low chuckle from behind me made shivers run up my spin and eventually go throughout my whole entire body. "Come on Ariane, I'm not like the rest, you know that." I sighed and watched Stephen walk away like a lovestuck little girl. I could hear my conscious screaming at me, " There is no way you are going to fall for one of your brothers friends! Especially because he goes against everything you believe in!" I sighed again, and pushed my stupid conscious away as I walked into Art class. Who says I'm falling for Stephen McAllen ? </P>

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