Foggy Memory

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Can my life be drama free for one week, I know this might not be a big deal, but since Thursday my internet randomly stopped working. And the company just came today to fix it! And the guy spent half of the time talking to his friends on the phone! Plus my friend has diabetes and we had a car wash today to help raise money for a walk to cure diabetes and people were so rude. Ok, but I'm proud that I managed to get this chapter up tonight! Hope you enjoy this has got to be one of my favorite chapters so far! ps- that means you should vote lol. 

“Is the room to the queen’s satisfaction?” Ben teases, in a horrible British accent, as he opens the door to his bedroom.

“As long as there is a bed, I’m happy.” I yawn as I make my way into his room. I look around and can tell that this is his room. It’s manly with the dark navy walls and leather furniture, but has some warm touches. Like on the left wall he has a collage of his family and friends and a flag of the NY Giants.

“Well you’re an easy pleaser.” Ben chuckles as he moves to his drawer and grabs sweatpants. “Well I will just be on my way.” He smiles as he holds up his sweats and heads out the room.

Lauren POV

“Why are you leaving so fast?” I innocently ask while leaning against the door. “I really need someone to talk to, a guy’s perspective.” I bat my eyelashes in the most non-seductive way hoping he can’t tell I’m me.

“I thought you wanted to be alone.” He reminds me as he steps farther into his room.

“I … I don’t know” I let out an exasperated sigh as I plop myself on his bed. I continue to talk as I look up at the ceiling, “I want to stay here, but there’s so many complications. Danny wants to leave, my dad’s sick, people like Maddy need me, my friends our here, and you.” I turn my head to look at Ben who’s surprised at my confession.

“What about me?” he asks intrigued as he sits on the bed next to me.

“Ben ... I … your my mate.” I simply state hoping he gets the hint. Personally I would have just said it, but I have to be in character.

“I think we have already established that. “He laughs and then turns his body to the side. His closeness is getting me all hot and bothered, it’s like dangling meat in front of me and telling me not to eat it.

“Ben do you want me to spell it out for you?” I ask annoyed he isn’t getting the hint. Desperate times call for desperate measures. I begin to scoot closer to him as he explains his answer, truthfully I didn’t even pay attention.  All I thought was how I was going to kiss him. Should I kiss him and then let Juliana come out? Nah, she would just ruin the moment. “Sssh …” I place my finger over his lips, his plump and juicy lips. He freezes mid-sentence at my action.  “You’re not listening to me.” I put on a little fake pout.

Before he even has time to respond I crash my lips into his. He doesn’t respond, so I pull back feeling rejected. “Julia.” Ben say’s breathlessly “Just because Danny and you have a fight doesn’t mean you can kiss me whenever.” He explains bitterly as he begins to push me off of him.

I push him back against the bed with a playful force. “I’m not … is it hard to believe that I might actually have feelings for your idiotic brain.” I smirk as I peck his lips. As I pull away he tightens his grasp on my back pulling me closer into him. Our lips collided perfectly. The kiss was beyond words, it was rough yet soft, but also passionate yet serene. It simply left me breathless. I did feel guilty that Juliana wasn’t experiencing this and that Ben would have to do a lot of explaining later, but hello I need my love too.

Julia POV

I open my eyes to see Ben’s closed. He looked so peaceful with the smile plastered on his face, he must have been having one amazing dream. Wait! Why is he sleeping in the same bed as me? Didn’t we agree that I sleep in his bed and he was to be sleeping on the couch?

I throw off the covers and get up, but I’m immediately smacked back down. Ben’s arm is firmly wrapped around my waist and unless I wake him, I won’t be going anywhere. “Ben!” I repeatedly say as I shake him, but he just pulls me closer. I sigh as I try to get his arm off, but nothing’s working. So I decide to just lay there until he decides to enlighten us with his presence.

“Good morning.” Ben groggily says, about an hour later, planting a kiss on my forehead.

“What the fuck are you doing!” I yell as I push him away.

“What’s the matter?” he wonders looking at me totally confused, but I’m the one really perplexed.

“The matter is I wake up in a bed with you!” I motion as I move my hand between us. “What happened last night?” I inquire as he removes his arm.

“You don’t remember?” he questioned trying to mask the hurt that crossed his face. Before I can even respond, he just turns around and rips the covers off of him. Then crosses the bedroom and slams the door shut, leaving me alone and confused.

I quickly get up to go follow him, but once I open the door I feel a breeze across my entire body. I look down to see I’m only in a bra and panties. I quickly shut the door and go look for my clothes. They were scattered around his whole bedroom. What did we do last night? Did I cheat on Danny? I know I was mad at him, but did I have the capacity to cheat on him?

I hop into the shower and try to scrub myself clean, then I hastily put on my clothes. I decided it was best that I showered in Ben’s room because how was I going to explain myself to Danny? I couldn’t just openly say I woke up in another man’s arms, almost naked. Before I could even approach Danny, I needed to get the facts straight from the source.

After asking around, I found out Ben was in the training facility and from my sources he wasn’t in such a great mood. Once I was in the facility, it took another ten minutes, just to search all the rooms for him. This place was bigger than any gym I had ever been to. I saw that Ben was working with some weights with a couple of the men from the pack. I quietly stood on the side until he was done with practice, but he just brushed past me and went straight to the locker room. If one person should have been in a horrible mood it should have been me, and not Mr. Drama Queen. “Hello I know you saw me!” I raise my voice as I chased after him, even into the locker room. There were men everywhere and some of them even whistled at me, which got Ben even more pissed. “Can you at least talk to me?” I ask trying to control my temper.

“What! There is nothing to discuss about.” Ben grumbles as he continues to change without even looking up at me.

“I want to know what happened last night?” I say while my patience levels was lowering rapidly. “Can you tell all that testosterone to leave, so we can talk privately?” I ask knowing some of them are just as noisy as us women.

He doesn’t say anything, but a couple seconds later I hear the rattling of bags and the constant sound of doors being opened and closed. “I know what you’re thinking and we didn’t have sex.” He tells me while I let out a huge sigh.

“But then why was I naked and tangled up with you?” I wonder, still bewildered on what officially went down.

“You told me, well obviously I can tell it was Lauren, admitted your, I mean her, feelings towards me. And I swear I asked her if she was sure and she said yes. You and your human had just had a fight and you being so close was too much of a temptation. I realized now, that I will just have to live with the fact that I lost you long ago.” He confessed as he grab his gym bag and left to leave.

I felt rotten, there was a part of me that wanted to stop Ben and tell him that there was a small part of me that had feelings for him. The little girl part of me, who wanted a mate in shinning fur to come rescue me. But then there’s a part of me that wants to live happily ever after with Danny, in a drama free environment. Truthfully my heart was split into two, and I didn’t know which one to follow. 

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