Chapter 28

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He glanced across the room at Meg who helped Robyn in the kitchen, they had decided to stay for an early dinner and Niall was overjoyed. Being with Meg and being sober and in his right mind was a thrill of its own, but he couldn't help missing Harry, and more than missing him, worrying about him.

It was obvious that Meg had been reluctant to go and see about Harry after Robyn's call,  and of course her honest and forthright nature made it so she voiced her opinion on the subject, but the slight pout and concerned expression on the face of the Irish lad got the best of her. He was sure his pale skin was turning red just thinking of her, and so he shook his head a bit and reached into his pocket.

"I have something to show you." He held up the watch, and grinned at Harry's priceless reaction to it. The Rolex was a beautiful sight to see with it's diamond bezel and black leather band. Harry held it with reverence as Niall watched in amusement, and explained how he came to be in possession of such an incredible and expensive piece of jewelry. "that great oaf you were scrapping with last night didn't feel a thing when I lifted this off his wrist. He's got shapely wrists like a girl, probably why he punches like one too."

He sat next to Harry on the couch, and grinned as he glanced at him.

"Niall, you shouldn't have taken anything from him."

His eyes flashed with anger, and Niall's smile faltered for a moment.

"I just...I mean he didn't even notice."

"He didn't know, that doesn't mean he didn't notice or that he hasn't noticed and put two and two together!"

Niall was shocked by this reaction and to see his friend wince as he stood to his feet and crossed the room, the watch still clasped in his hand.

"What are you doing? Where are you going?"

The women looked on through the opening that looked out over the breakfast bar into the living room, and Niall glanced at them for a moment before turning back to Harry.

"I'm going to get rid of this before Liam-"

"What? No fucking way man that's a Rolex! Do you have any idea how much I could sell that for?"

He went to snatch the watch from Harry, who glared at him. With his face battered and bruised his stare was far more menacing, and Niall was captivated by it in the most frightening of ways. He stepped back and looked at his friend, confusion written all over his fair skinned features. Harry closed the space between them and took Niall's shirt collar in his hand, he held it tightly and pulled Niall even closer. He watched Harry's eyes as he spoke, and tried not to feel threatened.

"You don't have any idea who you stole this from. You aren't selling this to anyone, you aren't going to have a thing to do with this. You never touched this watch, you never touched Liam last night, do you understand?"

"What the hell is going on?" He nodded his head as Meg's voice sounded from somewhere behind him and Harry let go of his collar. She grabbed Niall by the arm and pushed him behind her, glaring daggers at Harry as she approached him. "What did you just do to him?"

"Niall is a big boy, he can handle it."

"So can I. Keep your hands to yourself or whatever happened to you last night will seem like a party compared to what I'll do."

"Call off your bitch huh Niall?"

He was grateful beyond words for his quick reflexes and Meg's small stature; they both aided in his ability to grab her and carry her away before she could properly slap Harry in the face. As he sat Meg down on the couch and tried to calm her down, he watched Robyn rush over to Harry.

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