one: the grocery store

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"Oh fuck..." Melia gave an exasperated groan, laying theirself out on the table. "I'm struggling to focus here," she uttered slamming her pencil down on her sketch pad. They let down their thick braids, running their fingertips the exposed scalp for a quick massage, then wrapping it up again into a ponytail.

"For the love of god Mel, watch your language," Xenia hissed, squinting through her tinted glasses to finish a part of their sketch.

The two had been friends since freshman year in high school. Melia was the extrovert—the one acting out in the hallways like no one as around, always wanting to make new friends and was never afraid to speak her mind. No matter how perverted the thought was.

Xenia, on the other hand, was the kid who had spent all her time purposely excluding herself. The environment hadn't invited them as warmly as they thought it would and they cowered away from the masses.

The day they met, Xenia was wandering the school library, clutching the cardigan she wore tightly around her body, remembering how the comments about her body earlier weren't very nice. Her attention was caught when long dark braids were suddenly seen on the other side of the shelf, the student standing in front of a taller girl. They were speaking quietly to her—Xenia couldn't hear but the expression on the girl's face was easy to read.

Xenia bumped a book with her knee, making Melia hush, jutting their chin out towards the exit. The girl rushed away with as Melia turned around, smiling at Xenia who had been covering her eyes.

"Enjoy the show?" Melia had laughed, no sign of remorse seen on her face.

And that was the start of a twelve-year friendship.

"Fine," Melia mocked. "Oh shit." She moved back in her chair, making that jaw-clenching screeching sound.

"Eh, still not good enough. You just naturally have a dirty mouth," Xenia said, smacking her glossed brown lips.

"Oh trust me. It can get worse than this sweetheart," Melia replied, grinning at Xenia's sigh. She opened the refrigerator and frowned, gesturing at its nearly empty contents, clearing her throat.

"Mel, I'm not going shopping for us again. It's your turn and you know the grocery store isn't that far of a drive." Xenia set down her pencil and turned around, adjusting the oversized wool sweater on her shoulders.

"Ugh, please? If you love me—"

"Rest assured, I do but you have your moments." Xenia gazed at Melia lazily, raising a brow.

"You're heartless," Melia retorted, pointing an acrylic covered fingernail at her best friend.

"Take that back," Xenia narrowed her eyes.

"Buy the food and I'll think about it." Melia returned a challenging brow, walking back to her chair.

"I'm taking your car then." Xenia finally gave in, snatching Melia's car keys from the counter. Muttering on about how she was tired and how much her feet hurt.

The grocery store was only a good ten-minute drive from their clothing store—a plus-size lingerie store, All The Right Curves. The two of them had decided to start up their own line of lingerie for the bigger people like themselves. And to say the least, it was a huge success.

Xenia turned into the parking lot, quickly walking into the store to avoid any stares. Nudging their glasses, her shoulder bumped into a passing stranger, making her drop her wallet.

"Sorry, I'll get that for you," the person said, voice low and gruff. They grabbed her wallet before she could, straightening up to tower over Xenia by a solid 7 inches. By the looks of their clothes, they were a construction worker, but she could bring herself to examine any further.

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