The wolf children : Ame and Yuki chapter five

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After that I don't remember my mom ever truly relaxing. I don't remember all the details but mom said raising us was especially difficult back then. Sometimes I would get angry or even too excited I'd grow fur all over my body and run around on four legs. I would also run around the house tearing up anything  i could sink my teeth in . My mom even said one day at the park on a walk a dog started barking at me, and I just barked back. She picked me up and ran back home thinking everyone in the world was staring at her.

And it was not just the during the day too. At night Ame would cry and cry until he was breast fed, and sometimes when that was too much for him , my mom would soak a rag or cloth in milk then let him naw on it until he went back to bed. The neighbors would complain all the time. One day some people came over to question why my mom hadn't given us shots or a check up. " Excuse me Hana but did you realize that your children never have had a checkup? "  "as far as records show  your children weren't even born in a hospital?!" they kept trying to get though the door to find us. " If you don't choose to clear this up then we'll have to assume child neglect!" She had shut the door finally. Of course this wasn't child neglect my mom just was scared that the doctors would notice we weren't completely human. And the resin we weren't born in a hospital was because she was afraid that we'd be born in wolf form. After having a scolding from the landowner she decided that moving away could be the best option.

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