I Love Rainy Days~

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Rainy Days~

(some of these are going to be short since I'm sorta out of ideas for each boyo)

Aoi Valt

You watch as Valt pouts at the window. It was raining outside and he didn't like it, not one bit. Valt planned the day out for the both of you, it contained you both going shopping and eating at this newly opened restaurant.

But of course, none of that happened.

His mom and the twins were stuck somewhere else and leaves you there with Valt.

"Valt, stop moping around." You say, rolling your eyes and taking a seat next to him. (Let's pretend that they have a bay window.) His beautiful brown eyes travel to you sadly.

"But (Y/n)..." He pouts more, your eyes soften at the male. "I've had the whole day planned!" He drops his head on your shoulder dramatically. You roll your eyes again and pet his hair.

"Valt, we've been going on dates nonstop." You say, "Maybe it's for the best if we don't go out today." Valt whines against your shoulder.


"No buts." You tease, "Valt, today, we take a break." Valt lifts up his head with a small smile.

"Fine." He says, and gets up. "Let's go and make a fort out of pillows and blankets!" He jumps off and went up to his room. You huffed but smiled, happy that your loving boyfriend is back.

Though, as Valt left, he didn't hear you sneezing and coughing in the living room.

Kurenai Shu


Here's the thing...

Shu's afraid of thunder.


You quickly open the door as you went in Shu's apartment. You take off your jacket and looked around for a towel, your hair has gotten slightly wet from the hard rain, you take off your shoes as you walked around to look for the towel. You jump at the loud noise which you assumed to be thunder. But, soon after, you heard another noise, but this time it wasn't thunder. It was a voice.

"(Y-Y/n-n-n)...is that you..?" You hear a voice similar to Shu's. You quickly tie your hair up into a bun and run over to his room. You open the door as your eyes saw a bump under the white covers. As you walked over to it, the white blankets were lifted up slightly, revealing red eyes looking up at you in fear.

"Shu, are you okay?" You ask, sitting down on his bed. He hurriedly hugs you tightly and hides his face in your shoulder, it took you a second until you hugged him back.

"I'm s-scared..." He mumbles so quietly that you could miss what he was saying.

"Of thunder?" You mumble, but Shu heard it.

"Mhm..." You could feel something warm on your shoulder so you guessed that he was getting red from embarrassment.

There was another loud sounding crack as Shu whimpered and hugs you even tighter. You had to pick him up (which sounds weird I know but work with me here-) and lay him down with you. The whole time he never let's go of you.

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