Notice me Kouhai! [Karma Akabane] (REQUEST)

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Requested by: Ciacialoh

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Senpai! Karma x Shy Female Kouhai! Reader

Karma is in his third year, Reader is in her first year. You're a head shorter than him bc why not.




"C-Can y-you teach m-me maths?" Aki stuttered holding the maths book in front of her face, only her eyes were visible.

"Really you want me? I must be very hot and amazing."

"Karma... I don't think she meant that," Nagisa sweat dropped.


"I really need help in maths, I have a test coming up. Senpai, I believe you're the only person who can help me."


"Yes Karma-senpai."

"Okay, come to the 3E classroom after school. My name is Aki by the way."


"Ughhh why did Aki call me to come to this classroom." You muttered, spinning the pencil on an empty seat.

The door opened and in came a red head male, he wasn't too short or too tall. Holding a pile of what seemed like Maths textbooks under his arm.


"H-Hello I-m not Aki, I'm her friend [Y-Y/N]."


"Did she fool me?!" Karma shrieked, dropping his textbooks.

"W-Who are you?" You jumped out of your seat, hiding behind the desk. He was quite tall in your opinion and you were very shy and easily scared. His mercury eyes gleamed and was filled with mischief which scared you but the curiosity in his eyes also drew you closer to him.

"I'm Karma Akabane, I was supposed to tutor somebody by the name Aki?"

"O-Oh, that's what she meant." You blinked, gesturing the boy to sit in the opposite of you.


"Hurry up! We're going to be late!" Aki squealed, dragging you across the pavement with your textbooks.

"Where are we going?" You placed a strand of hair behind your ear as Aki continued to run to an unknown area.

"W-Wait 3E class?" 

"Yup, remember how you were struggling with Maths? I'll be tutoring you there because it's quiet peaceful."

"Can't we just go to my house and study?"


Running fast up the mountain, Aki told you to wait. Apologising, that she left her other textbook at home. After half an hour of waiting, she sent you a text message.

From: Aki (☞◣д◢)☞

To: (y/n) baka!

Subject: Hahahaha


You were very mad. As a person who disliked being social, Aki had left you in some mysterious End Classroom leaving you to fend for yourself.

To: Aki (☞◣д◢)☞ 

From: (y/n) baka!

Re: Subject: Hahahaha

I will kill you, I'm going to dig your grave. ( ╬◣ 益◢)y━・~  Fucking bitch die. (; ̄Д ̄)


Aki stiffed a giggle and skipped back home. Waiting for her plan to succeed. If it didn't she would set you up many times until you fell in love with the red head. You didn't know what her intentions were. Still oblivious to her 'innocent' actions.

Sighing, you placed your phone and nodded at the boy. He looked calm and unfazed by the mix up as you explained the situation. The boy nodded as he listen, surprisingly he was kind and caring you thought he was going to be a prankster.

"S-sorry," you whispered quietly, "I spoke too much."

"It's fine, so you have trouble with Maths?"

"Y-Yea..." you mumbled.

Your heart was not helping you, thumping honestly you felt like your heart was going to jump out of mouth. That would not improve the situation, your cheeks were warm and you were very embarrassed though you didn't know why.


Karma continued to tutor you and as every second ticked by, you were getting more nervous and shy. You could feel your hands become clammy and sweaty. You really wanted to murder Aki, wait till she heard about your situation.

"You're getting better at this."

"Uh huh." Was the only think you could say and reply, you wanted to slap yourself for being so lame in front of your Senpai.

"Sorry..." you stammered.

"It's okay." the male smiled back.


After two hours of maths you finally had enough.

"Thank you Karma-Senpai for helping me!" You spoke quickly grabbing your items and running out of the empty classroom.

You left the male stunned where he was with a confused look, "S-S-SENPAI, YOU MEAN SHE'S YOUNGER THAN ME?"

"Yup," Nagisa said climbing over the window from the inside, "She's a first year in Class A."

"W-What?" Karma's face turned red from the embarrassment he had just experienced.

"She's also very shy," Nagisa responded casually, ignoring the fact Karma's face was as red as his hair, possible redder. 

"Nurufufufu good job! You got her attention." Koro~sensei grinned, holding his 'important' notepad. What happened was Karma had devloped a slight crush on you but never manage to confess. He was always fumbling something and today he got the courage to speak too you.

"This is just...." 

"BAKA STUPID!" Terasaka yelled.

The class was behind the window, crouching down on the ground the whole time, watching Karma struggle.

"NOTICE ME KOUHAI!" Maehara mocked, causing the rest of the class to laugh with tears.


Boy, I'm so happy. There will be a one shot tomorrow (Wednesday), Thursday and Friday!

- Kuurochii

(not edited-//shot)

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