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immyscott tweeted!

 the last ever episode of teen wolf premiers tonight and i also wrap on homecoming later on today (hopefully if i don't mess up to much). i'm extremely grateful to have been able to work with such amazing people over the past few years, thank you for being like second families to me and always making me laugh on my hardest days. lot's of love to you all

usernamea: it's okay i'm not crying

usernameb: not ready for tw to be over:((

zendaya: lots of love back to you immy, it's been a pleasure to work with you over the past few months💓
|> immyscott: love u z💖

usernamec: i can't believe homecoming is almost wrapped already 💔

shelleyhennig: i look good in that photo
|> immyscott: yes u do seashell

usernamed: seashell i am crYING

robertdowneyjr: it's been a pleasure to work with you Immy! I hope to see you on the infinity war set

usernamee: i'm so upset teen wolf is ending thank you so much for bringing clarissa argent to life immy 💓
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usernamef: she was the worst character in teen wolf idk what all the hype is about, she's gonna ruin homecoming as well.
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tomholland2013: we still have the press tours! don't think you're getting rid of us that fast 😂 been lovely to work with you darling 😘

usernameg: when did tom get so confident wtf is happening

hazosterfield: usernameg he kissed her

tomholland2013: 😠😠 hazosterfield