Moshi Monsters And The Lost Moshling

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OK, so I've wrote this a like a kids bed time story. So yeah, it is quite short. Hope you like it!

One day, Misstheliss was sitting on a seat at the port. Misstheliss had her pet moshling with her, called Oddie. While she was there, she saw Finley and Lara.

While Misstheliss was chatting to Oddie, he saw a strange monster. The funny thing was that Oddie knows all the monsters and moshlings. So Oddie went to talk to the monster. When Oddie went to talk to the monster, the monster got Oddie and stared running off with him. Luckily I caught him in the corner of my eye. So we stared running after him and.... got ya.

“Why did you try to take away my moshling?” exclaimed Misstheliss.

“Because you’re a member and I’m not, and I was jealous,” said the monster. So after a big talk the monster promised never ever to do it again.     

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