sick day

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It was a long day and i thought it was such a good time to go visit leo in the lair. I waited for a few minutes in the alley to make sure that the coast was clear and then i went down the sewer. It took me a while since i got lost but then i heard hollering that sounded familiar

I entered the lair and saw 2 of the guys playing some video games.

"Hey. have you guys seen-."
"He's in the dojo."
They rush to answer not wanting to be distracted by me. I walked inside the dojo and i saw him wrapped in blankets and trying to meditate but his sneezing and coughs got in the way.

"you okay."
He turned to me and looked embarrassed

"I'm just a little sick."
"aw . your sick."

I walked over to him and felt his head with the back of my hand. On my hand it has a different name highlighted in different colors. Leo was highlighted in blue and the turtle in front of me was wearing a blue mask.

"Have you tried medicine."
"Im kinda a mutant turtle. Medicine isn't strong enough to work on us."
"Well did you drink plenty of water."
"Yes dear."
"Hey i'm just checking."
"I'll be fine i just have to wait it out."
"Then i'll wait it out with you."
You sat across from him and meditated. Every time leo sneezed you would say bless you but every time he coughed you would scream amen in a laughing manner.

"Shhh i'm trying to concentrate."

Leo coughed but he tried to make it discrete.

"Amen leo."

He laughed and pulled you closer.

"Feeling silly now aren't we."
"Yea we are."
"Tsk tsk what are we gonna do with you. You know it's okay if your forget things. I'll be patient with you."
"Thank um."
"Thanks leo."
We sat there and this continued on for a few hours until you thought it was a good time to go home.

"Feel well leo."

"you kissed him on the forehead and he freaked out."

"I don't wanna get you sick."
"I'll be fine. Bye."


I was bored and my big sister was taking forever to come home from work so i put on a beanie and climbed down the fire escape to meet up with raph. It took me only a few minutes to find the lair and i can see raph sitting on the couch trying to stay still but ultimately failing too.

"Watcha doin."
"I'm trying to feel cold again."
"Cause as said by donnie i'm sick and i should rest."
"Then stop moving."
"I can't"

"Oh my lord you are such a baby."
I went to the kitchen and got some soup while also getting an ice pack and a popsicle stick.

"Okay so soup for your tummy, an ice pack for your head and a popsicle stick for myself."
I smiled triumphantly at him knowing only i was allowed something sweet. Before i could react raph took a bite of my popsicle and forced me onto his lap.

"Not how it works."
"My popsicle."
"Your fine. Whos the baby now."
"oh sush."
I kissed his cheek and laughed.
"Hey i'm sick."
"Don't worry my immune system is way stronger than that."

He wrapped me in a blanket and i felt cold yet hot at the same time

"This is a slow day huh."
"Yea but when i get better we can do some more interesting things."
"I'm beginning to like slow days."

You lean back and rest yourself on him. He pats your head and relaxes himself

"I'm beginning to like them too."


I was sitting on top of a roof on the edge relaxing and trying to take in any clean air that new york had left.

"Don't sit so close to the edge dear."
I felt arms wrapped around my waist and i jumped. I was going to fall over but green arms pulled me up.

"See this is why we don't sit near the edge."
I could feel him shaking a little and he was coughing often.

"Donnie are you okay."
"I'm a little sick is all."
"You didn't have to visit me then."
"Had to see my favorite girl."
"Have you taken medicine."
"I have taken medicine every 4 hours, i'm drinking lots of water and i took a quick nap before coming here."
"Well by my standards that's not enough come one lets go inside."
I turned and grabbed his hands forcing him to follow me.
"Sick days mean i get cuddles and you get to watch disney."

"Works for me."
Once we were inside donnie got the disney movie ready and i made chocolate marshmallow popcorn.

"I don't think i shouldn't being eating sugar while sick.

"Donnie, haven't you heard a little laughter and sugar makes everything better. Now shush it's gonna start soon."
"whatever you say i guess."
"i'm now your official doctor now."
"My doctors pretty cute then."
I laughed and gave him a quick kiss.

"Hey you're gonna let the germs spread."
"What you got cooties or something. Just enjoy the movie will ya."


I was bored out of my mind since i finished drawing in another sketch book so i decided to go and visit mikey. It was dark so i hurried and dashed down the manhole before anyone could see me.

I saw blankets surrounding the couch and the floor. I walk over and notice that it was mikey in the bundle.

"Raph get me more pillow. Donnie i need medicine. Leo i can't reach the remote."

Everyone groaned but they did as they were told.

"Whats going on."
"Mikey sick so we're trying to take care of his needy self."
I laughed and i walked over to mikey.

"I can take care of it, it you guys would like me too."
I move some of the blankets out of the way and feel mikeys forehead.

"Aw, poor baby."
He looked at me and smieled weakly.

"come join me."
Before i could answer he pulled me down to him and i could tell he was very sick.
"Sleep with me."
I blush and move to make myself comfortable. The blankets made me feel warm and mikey snoring was more relaxing then i thought it would be. His arms wrapped behind me and for once i accepted sleep.

For the girls i want them to have problems and personality so i do try to put it in my writing but it can sometimes be confusing so sorry about that.

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