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SMACK. His eyes glazed over and his face turned into the look of pure rage 'SLUT! Seven what?!'

SHIT. 'Seven sir' I answered immediately.

SMACK 'Mmmhhh Eight sir'

SMACK 'Nine sir'

By the time we got to ten smacks my pussy was absolutely dripping. Master ran his fingers between my slits. 'Mm, you liked that didn't you. You liked it when I smacked your plump ass, didn't you.You're absolutely soaked and so are my trousers'

'Now take off my pants slut their stuck to my legs because of your sweet juices.' He demanded. I quickly scrambled to my feet and started to take off his pants. In the process accidentally brushing his very hard bulge with my hand.

Groaning master yanked my hair back so that I was staring into his stormy grey eyes.

'SUCK!' he demanded

I instantly ducked my head down and tried to take as much of his dick as I could. He was huge with 10 inches. Relaxing my throat I took his cock in until I felt it reach the back of my throat.

'Ugghh, that's it slut. Suck my dick. You like that don't you. You like my giant cock shoved down your throat.' He groaned out huskily.

His words were making my cunt clench in desire. And I could feel my nectar dripping onto the floor.

Because my mouth was full I responded with a deep moan to show him my agreement. Which he then groaned with the vibrations it set.

Keeping my eyes locked with his I continued to bob my head up and down. Bringing my hand up I fondled his balls. And ran my tongue along the bottom ridge of his tip.


Looking for a job Cara stumbles upon a huge building labeled HOLDEN in huge bright lighting. Something about the place caused Cara to take the step in.

In reality, Cara had no idea what she had just gotten herself into. She hadn't just invited herself into a high ranking building but into a new lifestyle.

A/n YAY! First chapter to my very first book!

Sorry but I probably will not be writing constantly due to certain factors. For example, school.

But I was just too excited not to publish this.

I will probably be updating more frequently when summer starts. ENJOY!

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