His tears were spilling out of his eyes continuously and was making his vision really blurry that he couldn't see the road and the cars in front of him. He brought his right hand up and wiped the tears away, but once he did so, a vehicle came and crashed into him causing him to drift and slammed the front of the car against the concrete wall.

The back of his head hit the chair and slammed quickly against the steering wheel and window cracking it. His life flashed before his eyes, for some reason during the crash, his eyes were closed but he saw white light. He sat Jannalyn standing in front of him waving with a big grin. He saw her mouthed 'I love you' until he drifted off and his body shut down and so did his mind.

The police and ambulance were too late. When they arrived, Matthew was already found dead on the drivers seat. They tried to save his life but it was too late. Janna, Evelyn, and Eddie were all devastated about their father's death. A part of them was a bit happy because they knew that he was now healthy, safe and finally got to reunite with his loved one. They all made the same promise to their father and made sure that they'll see him soon.


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1. brownbear107: we never found out why Ryan was really mad before the wedding. What was he (Ryan) mad?

Ryan was mad all due to jealousy. He was still jealous of Matthew and Jannalyn and was afraid that Jannalyn will come running back to Matthew, which she eventually does. He knew that she didn't love him as much as he loved her. He also heard their conversation.

2. dolanxxmendes: Q - why is ur writing so perfect t?!?

Oh I wish 😂 but thank you love :))

3. Kleeve_McFlanagan: question: what happened to Ryan?

Sad news but Ryan shot himself by stealing the security's gun when they were all at Jannalyn's hospital room. Matthew and Ryan started fighting because Matthew was blaming her death on him. At first, Matthew was going to shoot himself but Andrea talked him out of it then that gave Ryan time to do it. So yes, Ryan is dead. RIP.

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