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Kristen pressed record on the camera and sat down next to me. "whats up guys and welcome back to my channel, today im here with this babe  zendaya" 

"hiiiiii" i said very excited. 

"Today we are gonna be answering some question your guys have asked us" Kristen said while taking out her phone. 

"okay are you ready? " said Kristen  " i was born ready" i said 

"Is Zendaya ever moving into the house with you guys?" Kristen read off of her phone 

"Umm i don't know honestly, i love all the guys but they are messy and i like living on my own but who knows maybe in the future" i answered truthfuly 

"next question" "Kristen are you and Scott ever gonna get married" I read off my phone

Kristen laughed " i would hope so, I would like to open the rest of my life with him" Kristen answered and she started blushing 

" awwwww cuties, and i can be a Brides Maid"  i said

" enough of that next" Kristen laughed and read off her phone " Zendaya have you ever been in love or anything close to it"  

I sat there and only one person came to mind " love is such a strong feeling and i feel like being in love, it can't just happen with anyone" i sat there and smiled " i think I've only been in love once, it was when i was in high school with this boy who wasn't even my boyfriend but i had such strong feeling for him and i never received the feelings back. He was always with different girls and he just saw me as his best friend, the person he told everything to about all the girls and the parties and his life in a deeper sense" my smile faded at the thought "eventually i just stopped trying and i really do wish him the best in life and whatever he is doing" 

"wow you went deep bitch" Kristen said " so are you gonna say his name or what" 

"no oh my god i will never" i laughed

about 15 questions later we decided to finish the video. "alright guys thank you so much for watching" said Kristen

"Please like and subscribe and leave us a comment down below saying whatever you guys want" i said enthusiastically 

"Please like and subscribe and leave us a comment down below saying whatever you guys want" i said enthusiastically 

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Kristen turned off the camera and looked at me "so who was this guy?" Kristen asked 

"its a little complicated Kristen im sorry" I answered honestly 

" it ok" Kristen answered 

it killed me not being able to tell her because i considered her one of my best girl friends but i don't have the courage to tell her especially now.

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