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When we finished grabbing lunch me and Kristen decided to head back to her house. When we parked Kristen took her seat belt off and faced me.

"sooo do you like Like Toddy" kristen asked 

"um not really, i see Todd as a best friend and that it nothing sexual in it" i half lied and half told the truth cause i honestly don't know whats happening with me. 

" i was just asking because todd is probably gonna be in there with this girl he met at the party last week and they have been hanging out a lot, i didn't want you to feel bad or anything" 

my heart sunk at the thought of it being the girl i saw him have sex with " thanks Kristen but im totally fine" 

We got out of the car and made our way inside. In the living room was Scotty and Zane vlogging as we entered they pointed the camera at us and i ran up to them and said " wazzzzzaa, i know you missed me in the vlogs but im back bitches"   

"mmm baby you know for a damn fact nobody missed your loud self here" he said and almost immediately i hit him and laughed. he turned the camera to his face and said " im just kidding Zendaya could one day become my wife if things don't work out with Heath" 

"ooh Heath is not gonna like that but thank you baby its an honor" i said and kissed his cheek 

"Me and Zendaya are gonna be in your room recording a video" said Kristen to Scott while we walked off 

When we were on our way to Scotts room, we encountered Todd and the blond girl coming out of his room

"hey guys" Kristen said 

"oh hey" said Todd 

"anyways we have a video to record" i said without even looking the girl.

Once we got into the room Kristen said " that was a little awkward wasn't it" said Kristen while setting up her camera 

"Awkward? what? i saw no sign awkwardness" i said really trying to hide any sign of awkward 

Kristen looked at me weird but didn't end up saying anything.

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