Blaine wants sex with his cronut

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‘I saw the weirdest porn today,’ Blaine murmurs as he plays the little spoon, Kurt’s body wrapped round his own.

‘Oh yeah?’

‘Yeah. There was this…donut, and you can probably guess what the guy was doing with it.’

‘Oh my god,’ Kurt laughs, Blaine able to feel Kurt’s mouth nuzzling his damp curls. ‘Why would you watch that?’

‘I was curious.’ Blaine twitches in Kurt’s hold, muscles relaxed and lazy as they lie on the bed. It was only 11pm but they were too tired to do anything else. ‘It actually didn’t look that bad.’

‘I’ll take your word for it,’ Kurt smiles, absentmindedly stroking Blaine’s hair, occasionally flicking away a speck of dandruff. They agreed ages ago that grooming each other wasn’t weird anymore.

‘So you wouldn’t try it?’ Blaine tries to keep his voice uninterested but Kurt picks up the hopeful tone in it.

‘Do you- do you want to?’

Honestly, Kurt sees nothing appealing about eating a donut off Blaine’s cock. They were just two things which shouldn’t be mixed.

‘Well I mean, only if you’re for it. And…well, I brought a box of cronuts today so…’

Kurt manages to suppress a snort at that. So Blaine’s been planning this all day has he?

‘If you want to try it, I will,’ Kurt tells Blaine. ‘Though they don’t exactly have holes in.’

Blaine’s’ eyebrows shoot up at Kurt’s agreement. His cronut dreams were about to come true.

‘No no, I planned it already; I can cut a hole in them! Be right back.’

And with that, he practically skips into the kitchen, grabbing one and shoving a knife in the middle, carving out a hole. It’s only a few seconds before he darts back to Kurt, who’s beginning to take off his clothes and draw the curtains.

‘Okay,’ Blaine grins, almost giddy with excitement. ‘Can I- can I eat it off you?’

Oh. So Kurt’s going to be the one giving here.

‘I- yeah, sure,’ Kurt says. He doesn’t sound particularly enthusiastic, making Blaine falter.

‘Are you sure you want to do this?’ he asks nervously. ‘It’s fine if you don’t, honestly.’

‘No, I do, come on,’ Kurt says, stripping off his boxers and sitting on the bed.

Once they’re both naked and Blaine’s shoved the cronut onto Kurt’s cock, pushing it as far down as it can go, Blaine gets on his knees, mouth open wide. Kurt’s trying desperately to keep his mind on the previous, hotter situations they’ve been in because really, having flaky pastry on his precious penis really was not doing it for him. Somehow though, he manages to maintain his erection, his own fingers stroking his butt hole in an attempt to keep it up.

‘Okay, here goes,’ Blaine says, his own cock hard and bobbing into his tummy. Reaching forward, Blaine licks Kurt’s cock down to the sweet, delicious cronut he had brought earlier. Taking a bite, he savours the taste before swallowing, crying out as he tastes Kurt’s precum mixed in with it.

‘Ohmygod,’ he garbles, chewing on it whilst staring up at Kurt. ‘This is so hot Kurt! When I’m done you have to try it.’

Kurt manages a smile, patting Blaine on the head and wondering when it will be over.

The things he does for his boyfriend.

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