Hey There Baby Boy. (Wincest)

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Sam always knew his relationship with Dean was different. The butterflies he got when Dean simply smiled or laughed. The way his eyes crinkled and his laughter rumbled out of his chest. The way Dean taught him to look out for himself, fondly patting his little brother on the head and shooing him off to bed. The way he was like a father figure when their father wasn't there. The way Dean made him soup when he was sick, or the way he played his acoustic guitar for Sam as he drifted off into a blissful sleep with dreams filled with Dean. The way Dean would walk with Sam to get greasy fast food. The way he would ocasionally hear his door creek, and see the shadow of his brother's head on the wall in front of him, and the door clicking shut and the darkness swallowing him again.

It was almost as if Sam Winchester was in love with Dean Winchester.

With John always gone, Sam and Dean always spent a little bit of time watching movies and eating stale popcorn found hardening in the cabnets at the hotel. They even made pie or cake for when their dad came home from 'work'. When bed time rolled around, Dean would always pick out Sam's favorite jammies and lay them out on the bed, and helped Sam take a bath. In the mornings, they would watch cartoons on the static television in the main room of the hotel loft, singing terribly along to the theme song of the show.

Now that Dean wag getting more mature, going out to parties and drinking, being inmate with women, Sam felt as if he wasn't enough for Dean. He hated what he saw in the mirror. He hated his little puppy fat at the bottom of his tummy. He hated his short, fluffy hair that was always sticking up in some direction. He hated how he had no figure, no shape or form that suit his bubbly personality. He hated how he had no muscle, and he hated how he just wasn't good enough for his brother, whom he deeply loved.

He drew a blade and a lighter accross his wrists a few times, but Dean never noticed. He also never noticed how Sam's eyes drooped as Dean would comment him how beautiful an unknown woman was. He didn't notice the sadness that radiated off of his fast-growing brother.

But he soon realised what he was doing.

He was hurting Sam.

Can Dean fix his little brother, and protect him from the world ahead of him? Or will Sam give up before Dean can sew him back together?

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