Chapter Fourteen: I'm happy

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Mark's pov

    Vira ran out the door and into her room. Nick got up to try and talk to her.

    "No Nick,leave her be. She needs some time," I say,resting my arm on his shoulder.

     Matthew looks at me terrified.

     "You didn't do anything wrong kid. You just told her the truth and how she felt. Just give her time. I'm sure she likes you too," I say to Matthew. He relaxes a little.

      " Nick. I'm sorry if you liked Vira. I just went for it, " Matthew says.

     "Well,I was planning to do something to tell everyone,"  Nick says,a little nervously.

         "I'm, kinda... Wait, nevermind, I can still do that. Anyways... I don't like Vira in that way. She's yours dude," he says.

       Nick was being a little suspicious but I tried to ignore it.

    "While waiting for Vira,you boys could play some games, and Ara and Pat could watch TV," I say,trying to get them to cheer up.

    " Katherine, Amy and Tyler are coming over with pizza."

     "What about Ethan?" Nick asked.

   "He can't come. He's going out with his other friends."

     "Hey,Mark"  Nick says again, "Can we record a video for my channel?"

      "Oh! Mine too! I made a channel a while ago,but I haven't used it, " Matthew cut in.

   "Yeah,sure. Just don't break the equipment. I can help you edit later."

A while later...

  Matthew pov

         After Nick and I finished making a let's play, Mark was teaching us how to edit and upload our different videos to our channels.

         Then,there was a knock on the door.

     "Guys?" I heard Vira say. Nick got up and opened the door.

     "Matthew, I like you too. And I'll love you, even as a friend, no matter what."

     I felt shocked. "She just said that!?!?"

     "Really?!?"  I exclaimed.

    "Yeah,now let's go eat. I was going to come here but I saw Katherine, Tyler and Amy outside, through the window," she said,grabbing my arm and pulling me out the door.

Mark and Nick followed us out. But when we went out,we didn't see the gang. Instead, a laptop was on the kitchen counter,where Ara and Nick were waiting. And there was a paused video on the laptop.

     As if on cue,Nick went to the laptop and pressed play,and pulled out his phone to take a video.

Play the song on top

Mark's pov

      I was taken aback.

    "Mark?"Nick says as the kids look at me.

  "Are you really?" I ask.

   "Yes... Are you mad?" Nick says again.

     "No! I'm not! I'm proud of you for coming out in this way, with the video," I reply.

   Nick gives me a big hug.

   "Wait..Vira. Did you say that because you wanted us to come put here? The whole me and you thing?" Matthew asked Vira.

    "No! Don't be ridiculous!  That was true. The part that wasn't was the part about the food being here. Nick texted me while he was in the bathroom to ask of I was ok,and then he said we should to his" thing" now. That was real Matthew, " she replied.

    "Oh thank god. The drama is decreasing," I say,earning their giggles.

     Just then,there's a knock on the door. We all go to eat the food after letting them in.


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