Epilogue: Wake Up and Smell the Carcass

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"We have to get out of here," Eric told the others. Everyone around them pointed and whispered in hushed voices. The five friends retreated uncomfortably, backing away without tearing eye contact from those in front of them. They were worried they would do something drastic.

Justin and Carmen bumped into a brawny guy behind them. They both turned in unison and anticipated an attack. "Watch where you're going, murderers!" the man shouted.

"We haven't killed anybody," Justin defended, grabbing hold of Carmen's arm with a tighter grasp than before. Carmen wasn't appreciative of the loss of blood flow in her arm, but right now she couldn't shake Justin off her. By this time, Tiffany and the others broke eye contact with the rest of the townsfolk, and came to Justin and Carmen's aid.

"Get out of our way!" Tiffany demanded. She was ready to pass him, but the man stepped directly in front of her.

"We can't let a rich spoiled girl get away with murder." The man waved down some policemen who were nearby, but kept out of the commotion.

"Like my friend said, we didn't kill anybody," Tiffany levelled with the man, staring back in his eyes with steely determination. If he wasn't going to budge, she wasn't going to budge. Eric had to step in. With an effortless swing, Eric punched the man in the face. He stumbled back, raising his hands to his bleeding nose.

"Run!" Eric instructed with a shout. He grabbed a hold of Christina's arm and helped her along as the others ran in front. Realising Eric and Christina were slower due to her injuries, Carmen slowed down, despite fearing for her life. Justin and Tiffany also followed suit.

"Get them!" The nameless man shouted at the policemen. The policemen shrugged at him and just watched as the accused ran away through the streets.


"I can't believe, of all places, we end up back here," Christina broke the ice. The gang had been sitting inside the Pandora Café for the past ten minutes in silence. Within that time they had caught their breath from the extensive running they had done from the Town Square. Even though Meadow Falls wasn't particularly the closest place they could have went, it was the only meeting point they could think of where they could talk through absolutely everything that had happened in the past twenty-four hours.

It was dark now. The sun had completely vanished from sight, and was replaced by the gibbous moon. The front door was still shattered, with crime scene tape plastered across its empty frame, where the glass had previously been before Stacey was unceremoniously thrown through it. The knocked over tables and chairs from Frank's death were also present, an ominous reminder of impending doom hanging over the café, like a neon sign directing all psychopaths, stalkers and murderers their way. Justin looked across the road at the bench he sat on when Hunter met him to take him home that fateful night. Eric looked down at the blood pool still on the floor and silently wept.

"I know it's hard to be here right now," Eric confessed, avoiding eye contact with the others as they all looked at him, desperate for answers.

"Something happened to Frank, didn't it?" Tiffany asked as politely as she could, though was reluctant to ask, fearing the worst possible response.

"He was killed last night," Eric regrettably revealed. The others responded in gasps and a unified "Oh my God". Christina covered her mouth and held back tears. Out of everybody, other than Eric, she was the closest to Frank. Her brain flashed through all of the memories she had of him.

"Sorry to ask, but how did it happen?" Carmen squeaked. She sat at the nearest table to them, the others at a larger table with Eric and Christina on one side, and Justin and Tiffany on the other.

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