Tiffany Hawkins: The Trick is To Keep Breathing

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Tiffany let out the loudest scream she could give. There was nobody in the house to hear her. There was nobody outside the house to save her. She knew the scream was hopeless, but the loud shriek deafened Frederick Valentine somewhat, at least long enough to distract him so she could push herself back onto the bed.

She could hear him scramble around underneath her. She sprinted over the bed. Only one foot touched the floor, when one of Frederick's hands reached out and grabbed it. Pulling as hard as he could, she lost her balance and she came crashing down. The blow she received to her head, as painful as it was, hardly fazed her. Her heart was pumping so fast it sounded as if a tiger was growling threateningly. It provided her with the energy she needed to fight back.

As quick and hard as she could, Tiffany used her free foot to kick Frederick in the face. His grip on her foot loosened, but she couldn't pull free. She kept kicking wildly until finally he let go. Tiffany was thankful at that moment to be barefoot when she leapt up and ran for the door. She swung it open, her only thoughts of surviving forcing her to be faster than she had ever been. All her worries with Eric and her parents were temporarily forgotten about.

Frederick pulled himself out from under Tiffany's bed and gave chase. Tiffany slammed the bedroom door shut and kept a tight hold on the handle once she was out in the hallway. Putting her foot on the door to give her more leverage, she could feel Frederick on the other side tugging at the handle. The strength Tiffany displayed shocked her, but at the same time she was grateful her newfound strength was keeping her alive.

Tiffany wanted so much to open the door and go wild on him. Her reasoning caused her to think of the more reasonable route of handling the situation. She had to get out of there.

When Tiffany felt him pull, she let go of the handle. The door swung open. Tiffany anticipated Frederick running out at her, but her plan worked. Frederick fell backwards and landed on the floor. Tiffany took no time to scarper down the hallway as fast as her legs could carry her. She wasn't sure of which route to take out of the house, but she had to go undetected. Tiffany knew Frederick could catch up to her.

Fortunately they were on Tiffany's territory, so she knew the house from top to bottom. When Tiffany heard Frederick's footsteps sounding down the hall, she dodged going down the front hallways steps that would ensure her capture, and instead ran into her father's bedroom. She closed and locked the door. Tiffany always found it strange that Philip would never allow his daughters to have a lock on their door, but he was allowed one.

Tiffany examined the room quickly, ensuring it was the right thing to do before it was too late to run back out and avoid her assailant. Philip's room was massive compared to Tiffany's. It was roughly the same size as Tiffany's bedroom combined with all of her sister's bedrooms. The extension work he had done when Claudia lived with them was a godsend for Tiffany right now.

Tiffany ran to the window and opened it. She took off her jacket and flung it out. It was an expensive jacket so Tiffany had a hard time letting it go, but she wanted to deceive Frederick into thinking she had escaped so she could run through the front door and toward safety. She put her hand in her jeans pocket to feel for her mobile phone.

Her pocket was empty. Tiffany remembered phoning Eric, then leaving her mobile in the living room when he phoned her back on the house phone. Tiffany smacked her forehead for her stupidity. So far her plan was working; she couldn't hear Frederick at her father's bedroom door. He might have fallen for the bait.

Tiffany ran to her mother's old wardrobe. It was still full of her clothes as Philip never had the time or the need to throw them out. The room still looked the same from when they moved in. It wasn't like Philip spent a lot of time in his bedroom. Then Tiffany remembered that right now he could be dead.

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