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Jimin: Seulgii!

Seulgi: Yess?

Jimin: What are you doing?

Seulgi: Ah we're actually practicing but it's our break time.

Jimin: Oh! Do well seulgii! Fighting!

Seulgi: How about you jimin? What are you doing?

Jimin: Well we're waiting for the pizza.

Seulgi: Jinja?! Wait! Invite him to your house!

Jimin: Huh? I can't understand you. Why should we invite a stranger to our house?

Seulgi: Peek-a-boo👌

Jimin: Noooooo! Don't murder him!

Seulgi: Why? It would be nice. We'll be adding someone into our collection.

Jimin: Nooooo. Please don't.

Seulgi: Perhaps..?

Jimin: What?

Seulgi: Do you love him? Or do you have a secret affair?

Jimin: Of course no! Seulgiii what are you thinking?

Seulgi: Well, it's possible.

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