Tiffany Hawkins: May the Silence Be Broken

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"I'm going around Tiffany's later to check up on her, poor thing," Brenda Williams told her friends, Cece and Trish, in the Lakefield Square. The Square buzzed with more people than usual, only making an appearance so they could hear the latest gossip. All of the benches were filled when Brenda and her friends got to the Square, but using her power of persuasion, she swiftly got a couple to vacate.

"But she hates you," Cece said, with her high-pitched voice that would easily rub anybody up the wrong way, whether they knew her or not. "You're sleeping with her boyfriend!"

"Ex-boyfriend, Cece. And do you have to bring that up every single time?" Brenda spat, though she knew she wasn't saying it to be judgemental. She had a habit of stating the obvious.

"God, Cece, do you ever think before you speak?" Trish sided with Brenda. Her tough-as-nails persona worried Cece, so she bit hard on her lips to keep them closed. "I also heard that Hunter Donovan is missing."

Cece released her lips. "Hunter Donovan? The guy dating Justin Rutherford?" Her need to talk every ten seconds overpowered her determination to keep quiet.

"How many Hunter Donovan's do you know?" Brenda sarcastically asked. Cece again bit her lips. Brenda turned to Trish. "How freaky is it that everyone who works at that Café had something bad happen to them last night?"

"It can't be a coincidence. Somebody must be out to get them." Trish shared her suspicion to a now deep-in-thought Brenda. "I'd stay away from her if I were you, just to be on the safe side."

"You could be right, Trish," Brenda said, giving Trish a grateful smile. "You probably just saved my life." She reached over to Trish and tightly hugged her.

"So what should we do now?" Cece enquired in order to break up the hug, feeling left out. "I'm pretty hungry."

"I would kill for a sausage sandwich right now," Brenda sighed.

"I don't eat meat," Cece informed her while baring a smile, proud of herself. They didn't even see Tiffany, complete in her pink joggers outfit, stop behind their bench.

"Hey, Brenda," Tiffany yelled in a high-pitched voice, complete with a fake smile. Tiffany wiped the sweat from her forehead and adjusted the band in her hair. Even though her face was a pale red, and her hair verged on wet, the three girls couldn't help being jealous of her fortunate good looks. Tiffany didn't need to keep fit, but here she was proving to everybody that she wasn't breaking down behind closed doors. She had to show her face. Her ears had been burning all morning from the constant stabs at her recent misfortune. "That outfit looks better on you every time you wear it!"

"Tiffany, it's so good to see you out and about so soon after Stacey's death though. She only died, like, ten hours ago right?" Brenda decided to bring Stacey up straight away in an attempt to knock Tiffany down a peg or two.

It was a devastating blow to Tiffany, who had hardly any sleep at all that night for two reasons – crying over Stacey, and hiding from Frederick. Luckily Tiffany was all out of tears at the moment, so she kept a strong face.

Brenda continued, "They closed the Pandora Café for a little while too, right? How are you going to get pocket money now? Standing on street corners?"

The war was on. "I thought I heard you this morning, when I was in the shower, but it just turned out I farted really loudly."

Cece let out a small giggle. "That doesn't sound very lady-like," Cece commented while Brenda shot her an unimpressed look. Desperate to get back into Brenda's good books, Cece tried her hand at the insult match. "You're like a habit I'd like to kick... with both feet!" Cece looked at Brenda and Trish, laughing. Brenda smiled politely at her effort while Trish looked at her in confusion. Tiffany also gave Cece a funny look.

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