Tiffany Hawkins: At My Window, Sad and Lonely

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Tiffany's dog wouldn't stop barking. From the East Wing, she couldn't hear his threatening barks from the kitchen. She was too caught up in her glorious dream where she was five again, and Stacey was playing with her. It was Christmas Eve and their gorgeous mother brought them steaming cups of hot chocolate. Tiffany had never been so happy in such a long time.

Several bangs on her bedroom door roused her from her dream. She didn't want to open her eyes, but the banging wouldn't go away.

"Tiffany! Tiffany!" Philip yelled from behind the thick wooden doors. Tiffany turned in her bed to face away from the door.

"What?" Tiffany shouted back. "It's one a.m.!"

"Exactly!" He stopped banging and opened her door now she was awake. She opened her eyes as the light poured into the room. Tiffany turned to look at her father. "That infernal dog of yours won't stop barking!"

"No he's not, he's right here," Tiffany sat up and pointed to the bottom of the bed. "Wait, where did he go?"

"You must have let her out of your room at some point. He's in the kitchen."

"I did not let him out! Maybe Rose or Temperance came into my room when I was sleeping to borrow some make-up? Maybe one of them let him out?" She wondered aloud as she threw the silk blankets off her king-size bed. She sat upright and scratched her head. After sliding her feet into the slippers that were already in position, she stood with great effort.

"They left after the fight with you, so they couldn't have come into your room," Philip informed her, leaving the door open for his daughter. He stepped away from the door, then made his way down the hallway to his own room in the other wing. Tiffany ran to the hallway and closed her door.

"Where did they go?" She shouted after him.

"One of their friends is having a party, I don't know which one," Philip said without looking back. "Good night."

Tiffany shook her head and let the anger consume her once more. She had just gotten over the fight she had with Temperance and Rose and now they had unintentionally stirred more feelings in her. Despite the blood rushing to her ears, she could now hear Channing's barking.

Tiffany swiftly strutted down the hallway in her pyjamas, following her father's route now he had disappeared from sight. She strolled down another hallway, and then down another, when she finally came to the elegant stairs that led to the main hallway.

"Hey, Ted!" Tiffany hollered to the butler standing by the front door. He looked half-asleep, but as soon as he heard Tiffany's voice, his eyes widened. Ted brushed his tuxedo and returned to looking professional.

"Yes, miss?" Ted raised his voice so Tiffany could hear.

"Why didn't you see to my dog? Must I do everything myself?"

"You told me never to touch your dog, uhm, miss," he defended. He frantically began walking down the main hallway to the source of the barking.

"No, Ted, you stay where you are. I'll go see to Channing."

Ted turned and ran back to his post as Tiffany spun around and continued walking along the corridor. She turned right, and then down the last corridor, her slippers softly tapping against the hard marble floor, creating a rhythmic noise to drown out her frustration. She reached a spiral staircase and descended, entering the bottom of a hallway that led directly into the kitchen. The barking got louder. Tiffany realized she had never heard Channing bark this wildly.

The kitchen was Tiffany's favourite room in the house. It was every housewife's dream kitchen. It had all of the state-of-the-art kitchen appliances you could think of. The Hawkins Mansion had been in her family for generations, so there was something of an authentic ambience from the look of the kitchen. It had the huge fireplace still intact from the 1600s, along with a dumbwaiter. But several new technological supplies, like the microwave, or the brand-new kettle, drowned out some of the authenticity of the kitchen. Somehow, she was in love with the blend of old and new.

Once Tiffany had entered the kitchen, the tiny Yorkshire terrier stopped barking and whimpered, running to his owner. He was the cutest thing ever, which was partly why she named him after Channing Tatum. Tiffany picked him up. "What's wrong, huh? Who let you out?" Tiffany spoke in her baby voice. Channing was the only other being to hear Tiffany sound so sweet.

Tiffany hugged Channing like a baby as she stood straight. She looked around the kitchen to make sure everything was in place. With an uneasy feeling, Tiffany walked to the back door and tugged at the door handle. It was firmly locked and wouldn't budge

She moved the curtain on the window next to the door and peered out into the spacious garden. She couldn't see anything past the grand water fountain in the middle, but everything she could see seemed normal. There was nothing was out of the ordinary.

The garden of the Hawkins Mansion was about the same size as the mansion, which meant it was bigger than necessary. The flowers were lavish, bordering along the golden paths from the back door through various parts of the garden, including around the expressive water fountain and the guesthouse.

Whoever thought it necessary to have a guesthouse, when the mansion itself held seven bedrooms, just wanted the mansion to have everything possible without being logical. If troubles with her family persist, she had an idea of moving to the guesthouse to avoid them completely. It was a gorgeous little setting; cosy and inviting. The mansion itself was grand and intimidating. Tiffany knew which one she would rather pick right now.

"Come on, let's get you back to bed," Tiffany kissed Channing on the head and kept a tight hold of him for warmth. She skimmed the island in the middle of the kitchen and headed in the exact same direction she came. Channing remained silent on the journey while Tiffany kept giving him little kisses every now and then.

"Good night, Ted," Tiffany shouted down the main hallway, feeling guilty for her little outburst with him before. She knew better than to take her anger out on anyone who didn't deserve it. "I'm sorry about before. I was just tired I think."

"Don't worry about it, Miss. Good night," the man verging on sixty shouted back up at her. Tiffany never slowed down as she weaved through the corridors and eventually made it back to her room. Channing fidgeted in Tiffany's arms until she let him down. He ran to the bed and used his little legs to pounce onto it. He took his rightful spot at the bottom of the bed and curled up into a ball. Tiffany felt better having Channing there with her as she closed her bedroom door, diminishing the light.

With the curtains closed, the room became opaque. Tiffany slid into her bed and used her feet to push off the slippers. She rested her head on the pillow. Instantly Tiffany knew it didn't feel right. She could feel something under the pillow case; the noise of rustling paper confirming her suspicion. She sat up and leaned over to her bedside table. After feeling around the wall for the switch, she turned it on. Her hand searched for the opening of the pillow case, and like a snake, she slithered it inside. She grabbed onto the piece of paper and yanked it out.

The writing was messy and almost difficult to make out. Tiffany read aloud. "I want you. I want you to know I want you. And if you don't want me, just hope that God has mercy on your soul."

Instantly Tiffany jumped off her bed and ran to the window. Pushing her curtains apart, Tiffany stared down into her garden. Her initial suspicions were correct. Frederick Valentine was the sender.

And there he was standing on her father's property. He smiled and waved as Tiffany shut the curtains and sulked behind them.

Wow Frederick Valentine is a creep! Hopefully nobody here has a Frederick-type character in their lives

Wow Frederick Valentine is a creep! Hopefully nobody here has a Frederick-type character in their lives. Let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment and I would love it if you clicked that little vote button. Thanks my pretties!

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