Tiffany Hawkins: The Show Must Go On

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Tiffany stormed down the path to the mansion she lived in with her father and sisters. Philip didn't have time to stop the car before she shot out of it. She was disappointed that she ended up taking Philip's offer of a ride after dropping Justin off at home. Philip's patience with his daughter was being tested and Tiffany felt like nobody was going through the same grief as she was. She wanted to see her other sisters for comfort. As vain as they all are, they had to love each other.

The extravagant manor they resided in showcased their own beauty and wealth like it was part of the family. Being part of the few A-listers in the town, the Hawkins family were able to reside in the most expensive part of town. The street was filled with other gorgeous houses and rich snobs; it wasn't hard for the Hawkins family to blend in. Most of the neighbours didn't even talk to one another; something about quarrels over who has more money. Stacey's death had put everything into perspective; there were more important things in life. Right now Tiffany hated every single one of them, including herself.

She went to reach for the door handle, but it opened for her. The butler greeted her as the warmth from the fireplace inside crawled out. She walked past him and went straight for the dining area where she could hear the chatter from her sisters. They were probably talking about Stacey, reminiscing on her life and comforting each other. Tiffany could feel herself break more as she got closer. But it was a different story once she entered and could hear what they were actually talking about.

"Remind me I have a 4 'o clock appointment next Thursday for my perm," Temperance, the eldest of the Hawkins daughters, told the second-eldest, Rose. Rose scrolled through her phone as she nodded in a silent reply. Temperance continued with brushing the nail varnish on her trimmed and perfect nails.

The two eldest Hawkins daughters looked manufactured, from the straighter-than-normal hair to the unbearably skinny fingers. There was no doubt they were good-looking. They had obviously passed that trait onto Tiffany, who was beautiful, but always masked herself with thick layers of make-up.

Tiffany stood, unable to speak, until her two sisters bothered to look up at her.

"What's wrong?" Rose asked, returning her eyes to the keyboard on her phone. Tiffany examined their eyes and faces', noting the make-up wasn't smudged or their eyes had not turned bloodshot. There was no evidence that they had been crying. Not like Tiffany; her mascara carved a trail from her eyes to her neck, and most of her foundation had completely gone. She looked like a scary, dead bride.

"Do you know what happened to Stacey?" Tiffany asked with the most innocent voice she had ever heard to come from her own mouth. She was hoping she didn't have to be the one to tell them their sister was killed, but part of her knew they probably just didn't care. Temperance and Rose nodded.

"Yeah, have you not seen my Facebook page?" Rose said in a surprised tone, like not checking her latest status was more shocking. "Already got lots of comments on it, even your freaky little friend Justin said something. Don't know why I have him on my friends list."

"He's the one who told everybody he has an ingrown toenail, isn't he?" Temperance looked up again, fuelling the subject completely unrelated to the death of their sibling.

"He's a nice guy, and he got that toenail fixed," Tiffany defended before shaking her head. Hard. "Are you both telling me you know Stacey is dead?"

"Yeah, we just told you that," Rose said before laughing, "There's something wrong with you tonight."

"Something's wrong with me?" Tiffany sarcastically laughed. "I can't believe this, are you both completely heartless? Do you both need to go to the hospital to get your heads examined?"

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