Carmen Stevens: This Sorrowful Life

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Carmen brought her arm above her head, gripping the spanner, ready to smash the window. Roberto took one hand off the steering wheel and grabbed the spanner from her, throwing it to the backseat. Carmen wasted no time, her only thoughts consumed with getting out of the car. She raised her arm again, this time weapon-less, and used her elbow to smash the window. She screamed in pain as Roberto's hand wrapped around Carmen's face. He dug his nails into her forehead. Carmen thrashed around. The glass cut the skin on Carmen's elbow but she didn't care. Roberto pulled Carmen towards him while keeping the car in perfect control, despite the roughness of the road.

The horn blared as Carmen wildly moved her arms to stop him from driving further away from the town. The steering wheel was hard to grab but Carmen had to try, even as she felt warm blood grace her face. She cried even harder when she could hear Roberto's psychotic laugh, her pathetic attempts to stop him amused him. It became even funnier when Carmen found a way to bring her legs up and through the open window, where the bits of glass that didn't break were jagged and stabbed her calves.

Carmen desperately tried to stop his hands from suffocating her. She tightened a hand around his and started pulling Roberto's hand down, away from her mouth. His nails were cutting deeper through her skin, causing fragments of skin to collect under his fingernails. Carmen screamed louder than she thought possible and seized the opportunity to move forward and away from him.

While Roberto's hand fell, Carmen grabbed onto the passenger seat and pulled herself up, trying desperately to move ever closer to the open window. Roberto's hand found her hair and dragged her back. Carmen screamed in pain as she thrashed again, this time for her attacker's face. She used every ounce of energy she could fight with. Her attempts to stop him were rewarded when the car smashed head on into a tree.

Roberto's head collided with a sickening thud against the steering wheel while Carmen flew forward; propelled through the cracked windscreen. She rolled down the bonnet and hit the tree that kindly stopped the car. It immediately crushed her ribcage, and before she could run for safety, she slipped into unconsciousness.


Sweat dripped down Carmen's forehead. Her nose twitched as her eyes opened. She could smell smoke. She groaned while putting both of her hands by her side to push herself up. Carmen lifted herself a couple of inches from the ground before she fell back down, screaming in pain. She felt like her ribcage wasn't there anymore, and instead there were a thousand knives bulging out of her flesh.

Her screams woke Roberto. His head rolled on the steering wheel before being lifted. His eyes fluttered open, instantly focused on Carmen. Carmen looked back at him in morbid anger.

"You did this, you stupid bitch," Roberto whispered in the only volume his voice could muster. He tried to open his door, but it wouldn't shift. He punched it, then quickly regretted his attack on the car.

Carmen still tried to get up, but the pain was overwhelming her. She could feel the warm blood wash her stomach. She had to hurry and get as far away from Roberto, and the car, as she could. Carmen gritted her teeth and used her hands and knees to help her kneel. She wanted to put her hand on her side, but she wouldn't dare touch it. The thought made her queasy.

Carmen heard a click. It drew her attention to Roberto, who pulled his seatbelt off and used the steering wheel to pull himself up. He put his hands on the glass-littered bonnet of the car and, with a psychotic smile consuming his bloody face, crawled out from the broken windshield. Carmen wasted no time in moving.

One at a time, she moved her legs to stand. It was an excruciating process, but with Roberto getting closer, Carmen bit her tongue and dealt with it the best she could. Her clothes were coloured red. By the time Carmen had successfully began motion, Roberto had slid off the bonnet and landed on the ground. Carmen thanked the heavens that her legs were untouched, allowing her to pick up a decent pace, but the pain from her body threw her off balance.

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