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Carmen slammed the front door shut and locked it. She felt down her thigh for which pocket her mobile phone was hiding in, then pulled it out. The next few seconds became a horrifying blur as she explained down the phone what had happened to the emergency operator on the other end. "My mum has been stabbed" stuck in her head once she said it, repeating over and over, reverberating like footsteps echoing in an empty corridor.

Once she put the phone down, Carmen took a moment to breathe.

When she opened her eyes, Carmen noticed her mother's eyes were flickering. A wave of panic washed over her as she fell to her knees beside her and checked her pulse. The relief to discover she had a strong pulse only calmed Carmen to a small degree. Carmen knew the paramedics would be on their way, along with the police since the house was now a crime scene. They would have to check the entire house.

Carmen ran to her brother's room and opened the door. In no time, she threw the duvet off Rhys and grabbed his legs. Carmen was half the size of Rhys so moving him would be no easy task. It took several pulls to finally get Rhys off the bed and onto the floor. Carmen was already out of breath when she paused to really look at her brother. He was as stiff as a plank and already smelt foul. Carmen cried at the sight of him, at her situation. She was dragging him out of her bedroom, the last time he would ever be inside it.

Carmen tried to imagine what was going to happen after she hid the body. How was she going to explain his disappearance? The police would search the whole house and garden when reported missing. There was absolutely no way she would get away with this.

She could hear the sirens faintly. She turned the key that always remained in the back door and unlocked it. Flinging the door open, she found a bit more strength and dragged Rhys out with more speed. Her garden was about the same size as her house, with a shed that looked like the perfect place to dump the body for now.

She couldn't stop apologising to her brother when his head hit every step on the way down from the back porch. She kept Rhys on the path until she was close enough to the shed. She didn't want an obvious trail on the grass that would lead anybody directly to the dead body. This way, it would look like a path trail and not something suspicious. Any small wrong move at this point could land her in serious trouble. She turned Rhys with great force, then dragged him to the shed door.

Carmen almost cried out when she saw the locked padlock on the door. She looked around frantically. There was nowhere else she could think of to put him. She could see the ambulance lights at the front of her house. She pulled Rhys around to the back of the shed, carefully placing his body against it to keep him out of sight from the house. She stood back and observed him for a few seconds to make sure he wouldn't slump to the ground and give away his position. Rhys stayed firmly in place.

Carmen bolted up the garden and back into the house. She closed the back door as quietly as she could, as she skidded down the hallway to the front door, just as the paramedics knocked on the door. Carmen knelt next to her mother and held her hand, acting like she hadn't moved.

"Come in!" Carmen shouted. The paramedics entered.

"Step back," the female paramedic told Carmen. She wasted no time to move out of the way. The other paramedic assessed the situation as the female examined Caroline's condition. "She's going to need immediate attention."

The male paramedic lay down the stretcher beside Caroline. The female turned to Carmen.

"Do you know what happened?" she quickly asked.

"She just stumbled into the house. I don't know what happened, I didn't see what happened."

"We're going to take her to the hospital. There isn't much we can do for her here. Do you want to come with us?"

Carmen had to swiftly think it over. "I need to wait for my brother to come home, I can't leave without him."

"Well, I'll notify the police and tell them to come to this address," the female assured a shaking Carmen. "Just hang tight, we will look after your mother. Come to the hospital as soon as you and your brother are able."

"I will," Carmen responded. "I mean, we will."

Carmen watched as both paramedics loaded her mother onto the stretcher. She remained rooted to the spot as they lifted her out of the house. She desperately wanted to go with her to the hospital, and make sure she would live, but she had one small thing to take care of.

Carmen closed and locked the front door behind the paramedics. She had never felt this emotionally exhausted all in one day before. As she walked through the now quiet house, Carmen's mind went to dark places. She had already lost her brother and was about to lose her mother. She started to think about joining them. To take her life to escape the sufferings she will inevitably face.

She escaped the house and strolled down the garden, regaining her strength before she continued her despicable task. Carmen hoped she would turn the corner to the shed and see her brother breathe and wake up from his permanent sleep. Her heart sunk when she saw him in the same position. She looked around for a better place to hide Rhys before the police come to interrogate her.

The fence at the bottom of the garden had a gaping hole large enough to crawl through. Beyond the fence was narrow woodland, perfect to keep Rhys until she could take him somewhere else. Carmen grabbed his feet and broke a record for running backwards. Reaching the hole in the fence, Carmen stopped and crawled underneath.

The air was bitter out among the trees. It was uninhabited; the sound of the babbling brook in the near distance the only sign of life. Carmen felt very much alone out there. Grabbing her brother's feet, she dragged him through the hole. She rolled him over away from the entrance to her garden and kept him propped against the fence.

Kissing his forehead, she scrambled through the hole and sighed as she entered her garden safely. She wanted to run back to the house, lock the door and hide, but she physically couldn't gain the strength anymore. She looked around the garden, as she passed the small pond and the deck chairs that had never been used in years. She glanced at the fence separating her house from her neighbour's.

The woman next door was staring back.

The blood drained from Carmen's face. Elle looked at her in shock, then quickly ducked out of view. Carmen wanted to keel over and die. Now she definitely wasn't getting away with murder.

 Now she definitely wasn't getting away with murder

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