Carmen Stevens: In This Home of Murder

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Carmen pulled up outside of her house. Turning the engine to her car off, she sat in silence while staring at the dark building in front of her. With no lights to indicate a stirring soul in the house, she knew her mother wouldn't be home. Ever since her father left, Caroline kept her bedroom light on all night, every night. Carmen was relieved; she was worried her mother had found Rhys's body.

Rhys's body.

The sentence didn't sound right in her head. It was all too much for her to believe. Her brother was dead and it was because of her. No matter how much she tried to rationalise her actions, the end result was still the same. She killed her own brother. 'What have I done?'

Carmen stepped out of the stuffy car after another minute of sitting with her thoughts. She locked the door and stared down the street of Meadow Falls. At the bottom, she could just make out the Pandora Café. The light from inside the café spewed out onto the street, but she couldn't make out if anyone was still inside. There were no police cars surrounding the area anymore.

A strong, bitter wind pushed Carmen down the path through her front garden. The houses on Meadow Falls really were beautiful. Perfectly manicured lawns and expensive looking houses lined up on a street with its very own fancy café. She could understand why people would get jealous of her living conditions. She was really lucky to live at 16 Meadow Falls.

Living in a fancy house that was more like a bungalow was the only lucky thing about her life. She was about to confront the dead body of her older brother who tried to force himself on her, her father left them, and her mother was borderline suicidal. Losing her only son would tip Caroline over the edge. Carmen suddenly realised what she had to do – she had to bury the body.

With a goal in mind, Carmen picked up the pace and ascended up the porch to the front door. She started to pull the keys out of her cardigan pocket until she realised the front door was already open, causing her to feel a wave of nausea.

She reeled at the idea of an intruder inside her house especially when she was trying to hide something inside. As she walked into the house, she saw that everything was perfectly normal. Nothing notable had been moved from its place that she could see.

Peering through the open floor layout, her eyes wandered to the kitchen. She could see the fridge door was closed properly for once but the window in the living room was wide open. The ghostly wind blew the curtains. The photo of her and her dad had been turned to face the wall.

If somebody had been in the house, they would have seen Rhys's body.

Both hers and her brother's bedrooms were on the ground floor, just down the hallway. She could see that her door was closed exactly the way she left it but another notable difference was that her brother's door was open. With all the shadows surrounding her, Carmen lightly crept through the living room and down the small passage to the opposite bedrooms.

She peered inside her brother's room. She frozen when she heard sirens pass by her house. She prayed the police weren't going to bust in to arrest her. Maybe they waited for her to come home to catch her with the body. The sirens distanced themselves until it sounded like it stopped a few houses down.

Carmen quickly scoured her brother's room and found nothing out of the ordinary. She closed the door and headed for her own bedroom. She stood outside the door for what felt like hours before entering. Don't be sick, don't be sick.

As soon as she could see the entirety of her room, Carmen screamed. She remembered so vividly about what happened that morning. She remembered pushing Rhys to the floor after he touched her thigh. She remembered climbing on top of him with the pillow from her bed and smothering the life out of him. She had left him on the floor when she ran out of the house and spent the rest of the day in the park until she began work.

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