Eric Watson: A Game of Cat and Mouse

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'Eric Watson,' Philip said in a low, smoky voice. Eric wasn't intimidated by the man before him. Philip towered over him, his frame was bigger, stronger. Eric's confidence was knocked instantly. Philip said his name without it sounding like a question, it was like he knew he was coming.

Eric walked inside and closed the door. 'Do you remember my mother?' A scratching started to scrape along the door, but those inside couldn't hear it over the floorboards of the Funhouse. 'Her name was Claire Watson.'

'I do remember her,' Philip replied callously. He looked at his client and back to Eric. 'Now is not the time or place for memory lane.'

'Unless you want everyone to know what you did, I suggest you do yourself a favour and don't speak to me like I'm a child,' Eric said, his voice threatening. He didn't care that a third person was in the room. Philip smiled.

'Jerry, how about you go outside and we'll discuss the contracts in the car, there's just one or two you need to sign.'

He put his hand on Jerry's back and showed him to the door. Eric moved out of the way, now standing beside the window. Philip opened the door for Jerry before he had a chance to reply and pushed him out. He calmly closed the door. He turned back to Eric as he fiddled with a button on the jacket of his suit. 'Why couldn't this have waited for a better time?'

'If you found out the person who killed your mother was just down the road, would you just sit at home with your feet up?' Eric asked. His sarcasm brought a smirk to his opponent's face. 'Or... would you do what I'm doing and confront the murdering bastard?'

'I would go with option two,' Philip said with a smile. He didn't seem worried about Eric's presence and his reasons for confronting him. 'Who told you I killed your mother?'

'Your daughter, Tiffany,' Eric answered. He eyed a couple of boxes close to the door where Philip stood. A baseball bat lay beside them. 'Yeah, your own daughter knows you're a murderer.'

Eric slyly started to move in a circle towards Philip, hoping he would mirror his movements so he could reach the bat. Unfortunately, Philip wanted dominance near the exit. He continued, 'she told me where you were.'

'And I wonder how she found out,' Philip retorted, edging closer to the boxes. Eric stopped immediately. 'I didn't tell her I was here and I certainly didn't tell her what happened to your mother. I had a relationship with Claire but how did she find out about that?'

'Are you denying it?' Eric asked as he tried to keep Philip's focus on him. The father seemed to have taken a liking to the baseball bat himself when he extended his arm. 'How could you kill her?'

Philip grabbed the bat and gave Eric an intense look. He opened his mouth to speak but a huge bang in the hallway shook the wall.

Philip turned in shock and backed away from the door. Eric dropped to the floor as the vibrations rumbled through the floorboards. Philip secured a firm grip on the bat as the small earthquake started to subside. He headed to the door. Eric didn't interfere as he slowly raised himself to a standing position. Something caused the Funhouse to tremble.

Philip pulled the door open with ease and then stood outside, facing the direction of the stairs. He gasped. 'Oh my God...'

A screech Eric was sure he had heard before erupted from an unknown source in the hallway. Philip yelled and raised the bat. Something flashed in front of Eric's eyes and took the man out of sight. Another earthquake followed.

On regaining his balance, Eric stepped into the hallway and looked to his right. On the floor, he could hear Philip's screams as a creature rose its talons in the air and brought them down repeatedly. Blood splashed on both walls.

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