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Ring, ring. Ring, ring.

Eric stirred from his fleeting nap. His eyes felt like they had sealed shut; refusing to open. He had been so sleep-deprived lately that his body was beginning to feel the side effects. He rummaged around for his phone on the kitchen table while rubbing his eyes with the other hand. It took a moment before he could see who was calling.

It was Tiffany. It was very early according to the clock.

"Hello?" Eric answered, a little startled. His voice broke; it was the first word he'd spoken in hours. Tiffany sounded startled herself on the other end.

"Hi Eric, I didn't wake you did I?" Tiffany asked with a forced niceness about her voice, as well as a slight elevation in pitch. It was unsurprising to Eric, knowing she had been under so much stress since losing her sister. The only other time she phoned him, it was to tell him that she couldn't go into work because the kids in her street were having a water fight, and she was going to chase them with vodka and a match.

"Kinda, but it's alright. How are you holding up over there?"

"Not very good," Tiffany admitted. Eric could hear her sob, but Tiffany did a good job at containing her emotions. "A lot has happened since Stacey died, and it's been less than twelve hours."

"Why? What happened?" Eric questioned her, genuinely concerned. He had so much to tell her too, including the passing of his father, but he knew she needed somebody to listen to her first. His problems would have to wait.

"I'll explain more later, but I found something out about your mum, and I had to phone you straight away to tell you. It's pretty big news."

"Okay," Eric said intensely. He was truly listening now. He had no idea what Tiffany could possibly know about his mother. "I'm here, I'm listening."

"My dad and your mum were having an affair."

Eric didn't respond. He couldn't respond. His tongue had died in his throat. It was choking him, blocking his oxygen. He couldn't breathe. The woman he knew and loved betrayed the father he had just lost. "H... How do you know?"

"I'll explain it all later, I promise. I just have to deal with some stuff first. But this next part is even harder to tell you. I'd come over and tell you in person, but I really have too much on my plate at the minute."

"I understand," Eric replied, finding common ground in the hopes that Tiffany would feel comfortable to tell him what she knew. He could hear Tiffany's heartbeat from the other end of the phone. She was terrified.

"So, they were at the abandoned house on Mockingbird Lane, and my mum walked in on them while they were, you know, doing it."

"Right, okay, I get the picture," Eric didn't really want to hear that part. He closed his eyes and tried to keep it together.

"Well, after that..." Tiffany began.


"My father killed her, Eric. Philip killed your mum."

Eric dropped the mobile phone. It smashed on the floor, parts flying in all directions. Eric didn't care that his expensive phone was now destroyed. He was paralysed, frozen in the same state. His eyes were consumed by tears yet again. This time they were for both of his parents. In twelve hours, his father had died and his mother, who had been missing for ten years, was now believed to be dead. He had no reason not to trust Tiffany. Every ray of hope within him diminished. Was there anything left to live for?

Eric ran to the house phone. On the stand, he rummaged through the miniature phone book with all of his family and friend's numbers inside. He found Tiffany's house number and dialled it. He wasn't sure what was going through his head now, everything was moving too fast.

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