Eric Watson: Seeing Red

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The closet door gave up the fight of keeping him locked inside; Eric crashed right through at such a speed he almost knocked himself out. The bang temporarily deafened him as he struck a table and fell sideways to the floor. The chair that collided with his head toppled over and created more of a mess than before. The impact from the various objects would have been enough to force Eric into unconsciousness, but the adrenalin in his system and the desperate need to rescue his father kicked him into a relentless drive that he had never experienced before.

'Dad,' Eric muttered weakly. He turned onto his stomach and pushed himself up. He grabbed hold of the toppled table in the process. Receiving a slight boost, he found his feet. His legs were ready to buckle, but the sight of his father keeling over on the floor gave him the strength to remain standing.

A pool of blood was making its way to where he stood. He wasted no more time to approach his dying father.

Eric staggered to Frank and fell to his knees next to him. The blood sunk into his clothes and he could feel it on his knees. He didn't care. He grabbed the tablecloth from the table beside them and moved his father's hand from the wound.

It was the most devastating image he had ever seen in his life. The gash in his throat was so deep and wide that he could see the muscles contort and the blood spew without any signs of slowing down. He pressed the towel down on his throat, but within seconds, it was drenched in blood. There was no way he would stop the bleeding.

'Hold on Dad,' Eric told him as his voice broke. 'I'll phone for help.' He looked at the counter for the telephone. 'You'll have to keep hold of the towel or you'll bleed out.'

'Er... Eric...' Frank gasped, spitting blood. Eric wept at the sight. His father's death was inevitable, he knew it, but he had to keep fighting or he would regret giving up on him for the rest of his life.

'It's okay, Dad. Just hold this, okay?'

Frank did as he was told while he searched Eric's eyes, desperate to take his child away from this situation. No son should ever watch their father die in this way. Eric tore himself away and sprinted to the telephone. He picked it up off the holder and dialled for an ambulance.

'Hello? I need an ambulance right away at the Pandora Café on Meadow Falls. Please hurry. My dad's throat... someone's slashed him. My dad, please...' Eric put the phone down before the operator had a chance to speak, before the operator could hear his frantic cries. He was about to run to his dying father when he saw the freshly-washed pile of towels further down the counter.

He dashed to them and grabbed the whole pile. From the corner of his eye, he could see something outside the glass of the Pandora Café. Watching with hands pressed against the window was a figure in a black raincoat with the hood up.

Eric recognised him as the man who attacked his father. The thing that stood out the most about the figure was the shady white mask he was wearing. It was sprayed with blood and shaded with brown specs of dirt.

The man in the white mask slowly turned away from the window and walked toward the alley. Eric was ready to chase them and he headed for the door, but the towels in his hands called out for his attention. His father needed him. Frank was shaking violently on the floor. Eric didn't want the attacker to get away but he couldn't let his father die.

With the towels ready to place on his father's throat, Eric slinked his way through the tables and once again knelt beside him. He pulled away the bloody towel and placed the new ones over Frank's neck. Frank grabbed his son's shaking hand.

'My... boy...' Frank's voice was strained and almost non-existent. Eric knew he was in more pain by speaking but he didn't want to stop him. He could see the life slowly draining from his father's wild eyes. He knew this could be the last time his father ever spoke to him. Despite being what people consider a strong man, Eric couldn't hold back on the tears. 'Your mother... loved you...'

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