Eric Watson: The Night Softly Whispers

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Eric moaned as the sweat completely enveloped his naked body. He arched his back, like a cat stretching, and collapsed on the floor next to the slim and beautiful Shenae Anderson. She put her hand on Eric's chiselled chest and ran her fingers down his toned abs. She lay on her side and wrapped a leg around him like a venomous viper snake. Eric put his arms around her to cover her glorious chest.

'We've never had sex in the café before,' Eric observed as he flashed her a cheeky smile. She giggled and pushed herself up against him, leaning in for a kiss. He obliged.

'I don't understand why we couldn't do this in the cafeteria where there's actually room to do it,' Shenae pointed out as she looked around the room they were in. They were in the lock-up, lying naked on the cold square floor with fully-stocked shelves surrounding them.

'Justin is on his break so unless you wanted to give him a show, this was the only other place we could have done it,' Eric explained. The more he had to talk about it, the dirtier he felt about having sex in his father's café.

'Well it's his fault we didn't have sex at home since he was late and you had to come in early to cover,' she spat rather bitterly. Shenae's mood seemed to change at the mention of a name other than hers. 'I was just getting ready to come to yours when you cancelled on me.'

'I'm sorry about that but Justin didn't look so good when he came in,' Eric apologised, hoping Shenae could sympathise with Justin to brighten her mood. 'Something must have happened with his boyfriend. He was crying to Christina about something.'

'Eric, you know how I feel about homosexuals,' Shenae sat up in disgust. 'It's against my beliefs. I can't physically look at Justin or anyone who is gay.'

'You know I don't like it when you talk like that. Justin and Hunter are in love and there's nothing wrong with that.'

'I can name ten things that are wrong with that.'

'Let's not talk about it then and put our clothes back on,' Eric said with mixed emotions. He was fairly sensitive to controversial subject matters and Shenae was always probing at him. She wanted Eric to agree with her about everything she believed in. He loved her, but sometimes she could demonstrate reasons why he shouldn't.

'Why don't you want to talk about it?' Shenae snapped, getting annoyed.

'Justin is my friend, I work with him, and I don't have anything against gay people.'

Shenae stood up. 'Fine,' she squabbled as she put her underwear back on and fumbled around for her clothes. 'When you want to apologise, I'll be at my apartment.'


'Don't bother,' Shenae said as she pulled her skirt back up. Eric grabbed his trousers and pulled them up his legs. A knock at the door interrupted their feud. Shenae shot Eric a narrowed stare before picking up her shirt and slipping it over herself. She unlocked the door and opened it before Eric had a chance to put his shirt on.

'Oh, I see you made a head start on counting the stock, Eric,' Frank Watson said with a chuckle as he witnessed his half-naked son struggle to untangle his shirt. Eric brushed his blonde fringe out of the way of his face and gave his father a guilty smile. 'And, of course, it's always nice to see you Shenae.'

'You too, Mr. Watson,' Shenae courteously said to the father of her boyfriend. She had never shown her true colours to Frank. She wanted him to fall in love with her personality just like his son.

'You really should accept a job here, you know, should any of my other staff quit.'

'Or get fired,' Shenae added, smirking as she grabbed her bag and slipped her feet into her shoes. 'Until that day, I would never pass up an opportunity to work with the most handsome man in Lakefield View, Frank.'

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