Christina Mayer: Living Doll

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'You sure it's safe to be here?' Christina asked her father. The Mayer residence had been cleared by the Lakefield View police. It was searched again that morning, just to be safe, but Christina still felt uneasy. After the night she had, it was no wonder she would be paranoid about whether or not there were men hiding in her attic.

After trying to get to Eric's house, she was stopped by Detective Winifred Tremaine. It was just her luck that she would run into her, and the two girls spent hours at the police station before they were allowed to go home. Katherine was forced to become alien to her own home until it was thoroughly examined.

'There are a couple of officers parked across the street keeping an eye on us,' Isiah assured his daughter, placing his soft hands on her head. He ran his hand down her hair before giving Christina a kiss on her forehead. 'I hate that I have to go back to work, but they really need me at the hospital. I know you and Katherine will take good care of Christopher.'

Katherine walked into the kitchen from the living room. 'Thank you for letting me stay the night Mr. Mayer, I appreciate it.'

'After what you and my daughter have been through together, there is no question about you staying here,' Isiah said proudly. 'You can stay as long as you like.'

'Is Carmen's mother okay?' Christina enquired as she walked away from her father and sat on a chair by the table. Her head had never stopped pounding since her fall. Her legs were going to be the death of her; they screamed out in pain. She didn't want her father to worry so she kept quiet about the internal anguish. She had swallowed a load of migraine tablets like the pain was sufferable.

'She was in surgery for quite some time during the night, but she pulled through. I asked her nurse to text me updates and she seems to be coming around,' Isiah explained. 'Still no idea what happened though.'

'Any sign of Carmen?' Katherine asked. She knew what she had been through before what happened to her mother, but she had not heard from Carmen since she left her house to deal with her secret. 'I've texted her a couple of times but she hasn't replied to any of them.'

'I spoke with Carmen briefly on the phone a few hours ago to tell her about her mother. She said she would visit her but never did. No sign of Rhys either. It's like all of the Stevens children have disappeared from the face of the earth.'

The girls kept quiet, pondering over what could have possibly happened to them. Isiah continued, 'Carmen sounded absolutely fine on the phone this morning so I don't think you girls should worry. She seemed happy that her mother was doing well.'

'I bet Christopher wasn't happy about getting dragged from the motel to the hospital at that time of night,' Christina said in a joking tone, hoping to lighten the mood a little. Katherine sat down next to Christina at the table. She had pulled out her mobile phone and was in the process of trying to call Carmen.

'He had just fallen asleep when the phone call came in and I didn't want to leave him with the motel manager after what happened. He was actually very excited to go to the hospital with me. I had a nurse sit with him inside the operating theatre so he could sleep while I performed the surgery.'

Christina smiled. 'I remember years ago when you let me sleep in there while you were performing surgeries, right after mother disappeared. I must have been 12. I never wanted you to leave me alone.' The memory forced her to look away at the cabinet of photos to conceal the tears in her eyes.

'I hated having to do that, but it was the only way I knew you would be safe.' Isiah smiled at his daughter when she turned back around, sharing an unspoken moment as they thought about their lost loved one. Katherine didn't want to interrupt them. She declined the phone call to Carmen once it went to voicemail.

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