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Harry stops at the first hotel he sees, still quite away from civilization.

"Aren't we going home?" I ask him and he shakes his head.

"No. I terribly need a few days alone with you, and away from what my life has become." he sighs and runs his hand through his hair.

"So it's true? The whole boxing thing?" I ask him and he nods. "Yeah, but we'll talk about that later. Let's just check in now, okay?"

He looks at me and lifts his brows in question at my uncomfortable expression. "What?"

"Well, um... I kind of need clothes."

His eyes quickly pass through my body and he quietly curses. "Right. Let's find a shop or something quickly."

We find one in about five minutes. It's not Forever 21 or anything, but as long as it has pants and shirts, I'm fine with it. Harry quickly puts on his jacket and zips it up so he doesn't walk around shirtless, then he turns to me.

"I'll be right back." he promises and plants a quick kiss on top of my head."I missed you so much, you know. It may sound bad but I'm kind of glad you get into so much trouble, because if you didn't I wouldn't be here with you right now."

His green eyes stare directly into mine and I'm at a loss for words,so I just blush am slightly smile. "Hurry up." I whisper and he nods, leaving the car, then locking me inside of it.

I watch his lean back as he walks towards the store, his walk the most confident thing I've ever seen.

His hair is still a mess of curls and I hope his boxing career won't demand a change of that.

Sighing, I lean my head further into the couch. I terribly hope my baby is okay: I need to go to the doctor's to make sure.

It's a terrible thought, but who knows what they've been doing while I was  unconscious.

An even more terrible thought is telling Harry about it; I have no choice about it because everyone was right; there's no doubt he deserves to know. The "not telling him" idea was only because I thought we'd never see each other again. And now that we have, I'm not sure where we'll go from here.

Technically, if the gang is not an issue anymore, and the killing thing is solved, we could be together again; it's the one thing I want the most.

On the other hand, I wonder how much time we'll last before we're broken again. And I'm pregnant now. We can't keep doing this when we have a child.

"Here, put this on." Harry interrupts my thoughts and I almost jump in fright.

"You scared me!" I accuse him and Harry puts his hands in the air.

"Sorry. Didn't realize you didn't hear me." he apologizes with a chuckle.

"Don't act so happy when you just scared me." I frown at him and take the clothes from his hand and he shrugs, his smile getting even bigger.

"Can't help it. You're just too cute when you're trying to be angry." he says, ruffling my hair and I glare at him.

"Ha-ha-ha. How funny." I say, rolling my eyes and he laughs.

"Put your pants on, sweetie. I'm starving. I hope there's a lunch or something in the hotel." he says and drives off back to the hotel.

I put on the yellow track suit Harry has bought me. It looks horrible but I'll take what I get.

"Let's go into town or something tonight so I can get more clothes if we'll be staying here for a few days, please." I ask him and he nods. "Sure. I'm just not sure these people know what exactly a town is."

Ten minutes later, we're standing in our hotel room.

Or better yet, penthouse that would be suitable for Christian Grey.

"Oh my god." I whisper, looking around the most luxurious space I've ever been in, then running towards the king side bed and throwing myself on it, with my back.

Harry chuckles at me and walks toward the bed. "This place is pretty nice. I can't wait till you see my new apartment in London, though." he smiles. "I mean our apartment in London, since you'll be staying there with me."

I take a deep breath and offer a small smile. "That is a big topic we have to get through."

He sits down on the bed and tucks my hair behind my ear. "It is. And I can already tell you the conclusion. You're moving to London with me." he says, in a voice that leaves no arguing.

I hope you'll still feel like that after you find out about the baby. I say to him in my mind.

"Let's go eat first, okay? I haven't eaten in two days, remember?" I say and it sounds horrible bit it's actually bearable with all the excitement.

The only thing I'm worried about is the baby.

Alarms must go off in Harry's head at my words because he curses and is on his feet immediately, lifting me up in his arms and he literally runs towards the elevator.

"Come on. It'd be faster if I run through steps if there were actual steps in this hotel." he mutters to himself and the elevator comes a second later.

He steps into it and presses the button down. "Harry, it's not as bad as it sounds, I swear. I'm just worried because of-...."


He gives me a funny look. "Because of?"

Double shit. How am I gonna get myself out of this one?

Love, Trish❤

I don't know if you guys noticed but we're actually quite close to the end of this duology. I plan to finish it by 21st December because I'll be posting a different story called Stuck through the holidays.

Hope you'll like it!😁❤

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