Christina Mayer: Prey

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Christina's pulse quickened to the point of nausea. She could see the people lining the street edging for a look. She tried to look somewhere where no one stood so she didn't have to face their eagle stares. All eyes were on her and she could feel their stares slicing into her body. Her ears burned with the scalding words of the neighbours. Red and blue lights soon rolled along the road and Christina knew she would never live this down.

The police car pulled up in front of the house. It was the only part of the street that wasn't lined with an over excessive amount of people. Isiah stood behind his daughter with Christopher tight in his arms. Even though they didn't want to be seen by everyone, it was the safest place they could be. She watched as two policemen, and the female detective, cautiously made their way towards her family.

Christina recognised Detective Winifred Tremaine from the stiff strut instantly. The policemen acted like unnecessary bodyguards and followed her like puppets. Once she was close enough to make out the withering details in her face, Christina noted the curl in her lip and the flame in her eyes.

'Two crime scenes in one night,' Tremaine began with a suggestive tone, looking down at Christina. She was much taller than her, overpowering her with a single glance. 'It hasn't been your day, has it?'

'I guess not,' Christina replied.

'Care to tell me what happened this time?'

Christina felt annoyance building up from Tremaine's condescending attitude. 'I drove home from work. When I got here, there was a photo on my back of me driving. The photo was taken from the backseat of my car as I was driving home. Someone was in my backseat.'

'Do you still have the photograph?' Tremaine asked as she scribbled in a tiny notebook. Christina unfolded her arms and handed it to her. Tremaine took one look at it before placing it in her pocket. She didn't react to it.

Isiah placed his hand on Christina's shoulder to get her attention. 'I'm going to take Christopher inside and pack a bag; I'll try and make arrangements for us to stay somewhere else tonight.'

'The policemen will check your house to make sure the person who took this photograph isn't inside,' Tremaine told him. She nodded to the two young male police officers. They instantly did as she wanted, leading Isiah and Christopher away. It meant Christina was alone with Tremaine.

'Do you think it could be the same person who killed Stacey Hawkins?' Christina asked with genuine concern. The thought of a murderer, fresh off a kill, following her home in the backseat of her car, frightened her beyond belief.

'It might appear so,' Tremaine theorised, turning from Christina and walking to the car in question. Christina followed her eagerly. 'But this is Lakefield View, Miss Mayer. We have a high crime rate. The two things could be completely unrelated. After all,' Tremaine stopped peering inside the car to give Christina a strange look, 'who would target you?'

Christina didn't want to reply to that comment for fear she'd get locked up. She'd take a swing at her, but it was in her good faith not to strike another human being. It didn't stop her from fantasising about it.

'We'll take this car into evidence and have it processed,' Tremaine notified her without touching anything. 'It will also be wise to stay at a relative's or friend's house tonight. This area will not be safe for you. The policemen will escort you and your family to a safer location. I'll keep you posted about this on-going investigation.'

Tremaine turned and headed straight back to the car she came from. A confused Christina followed her. 'Wait, that's it? You don't want to ask me any more questions?'

'Is there anything you haven't told me? Anything at all?'

'I don't think so.'

'Then this interrogation is over. I have your number, Miss Mayer. I will keep you posted.'

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