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Christina Mayer wiped the spit from her cheek.

"I'm going to have to ask you to leave, sir," a very polite Christina asked the intoxicated man before her. He stumbled, falling onto the counter, and smiled blissfully as Christina narrowed her eyes at him. She was a natural beauty, her dark skin perfectly contrasting her silky black hair. She wasn't skinny, like Tiffany Hawkins or Carmen Stevens, but she was happy with her average size. In fact, she was proud to be who she was.

But, at that moment, a usually calm Christina was starting to get annoyed. "I won't ask you twice." Christina's voice lowered from her higher octave as she scrunched her brow and frowned at the customer.

"I'm not going to ask at all," the deep voice of Eric Watson sounded from beside Christina. Christina didn't notice Eric walking up to her; she was too bewildered by her first shameful customer of the night to pay attention to anything else around her. Eric put his toned hand on Christina's shoulder and continued to scowl at the customer. "Unless you want to be thrown out on your ass I suggest you scarper," Eric continued.

"Fine, I'm going," the drunken man didn't lose his Cheshire cat grin. His ego deflated, but he didn't show it for fear of embarrassment. He was just a lanky, weak man against the tall and strong Eric, and there was nothing he could do about it. The man turned to walk out, striding to the door. He stopped half-way there and looked Tiffany up and down.

"Does your vagina stink?" he asked. Everybody within earshot dropped their mouths. A man had to explain to the woman next to him that it meant her vagina. Christina wanted to laugh at the outrageous question, but didn't want to give the man any power.

"There's no point dignifying that with a response, you cheeky bastard, when I can say everything I want to say with just one finger," Tiffany responded by sticking her middle finger up in close proximity to his face. Tiffany didn't seem shocked by the rude and random question. She turned on her heel and flipped her hair, then walked to a distant table from him and sat down, picking up an abandoned newspaper.

The man looked back at Christina and Eric. "It must have been her feet then," he speculated, before finally exiting the café. Tiffany didn't acknowledge him as he left; instead she shook her head at his comment. With the man finally out of the way, Christina rotated from the counter to the sink. She felt dirty and violated.

"I'm sorry that happened to you Christina," Eric consoled, following Christina to the sink. Christina smiled to herself at the attention Eric was giving her. He seemed to really care about her wellbeing, as well as the other staff in the café. She always felt safe and protected with Eric around.

"Just another night in Lakefield View," Christina chuckled, scrubbing her hands and face hard. She tried to keep her eyes on the mirror in front of her, but found it hard not to divert her eyes to Eric. "How is your girlfriend? I think I saw her leave before. She left without saying goodbye."

"Shenae is fine, though I'm a little worried about her. She has been pretty distant lately, but she won't tell me what's wrong," Eric confessed, pouring his heart out to Christina because he could trust her. Christina finished drying her hands and patted her face with a tea towel.

"Your girlfriend..." she had to say 'girlfriend' for it to stick in her mind. She was still devastated he had a girlfriend. She continued " a really nice girl. She has always been private, and a little unsocial. She might just be going through a phase. Or she might be on her period, if it's her time of the month."

Eric looked a little grossed out. "Should I do anything?" he asked.

"Give her a little space; she's always come across as independent, and if she wanted to tell you what's bothering her, she would have."

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