Justin Rutherford: Someone's Coming

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It was the first daybreak Justin had ever seen. The birds had already started their daily singing and the air smelt clean, fresh. Though he was only sitting on a stool in the kitchen of his parents' house, Justin could breathe in the serenity of the morning. It was the most beautiful thing to happen in the past twelve hours.

The news of the events of last night spread faster than the sun's golden beams in Lakefield View that chilly October morning. He had just turned the television off when he heard his name mentioned in a report by Annabeth Qarku, and everyone in town was talking about him and the events that led to Hunter's abduction.

Following the realistic nightmare, Justin didn't return to the land of slumber. The confusing events that were addressed in the distressing delusion had his brain working overtime. After his brief solace of escaping to the beauty of Mother Nature, Justin returned to the never-ending loop that was the projection of events playing in his mind. All he could hear was the explosion of the mysterious object in the sky that rained down on Meadow Falls. All he could feel was the earthquake that came before it. All he could smell was the burnt remains of the abandoned nursery. All he could taste was the blood that was drawn by what he believed to be the Lakefield Ripper.

Justin vanished into the vortex of his mind, his thoughts reaching unfathomable depths. Consumed by them, he did not hear his mother enter the kitchen and start up a conversation with him. It wasn't until she walked to the other side of the table to face Justin, and within his eyesight, that he even realised she was there. He shot his eyes up without moving an inch, breaking the trance.

'Are you sure you're okay to be home alone?' Rebecca asked with her usual vigilant expression. She turned the kettle on, keeping Justin in her sight, afraid that if she looked away for a moment, he would take a turn for the worst. He rubbed his eyes and looked down at his full cup of cold coffee.

'Yeah, definitely, I'll be okay,' Justin tried to reassure her, but his tired tone suggested otherwise. He gave his head a shake. 'I have my Charmed DVDs to keep me going.'

'I can't count how many times you've watched that show,' Rebecca laughed, subconsciously ecstatic that they were now talking about something normal and positive.

'Eric messaged me while I slept last night, and told me not to bother with my shifts at the café for the next few days. Something happened to his father, he's really upset.'

Well that didn't last very long, Rebecca thought. 'Oh no,' she said in a faint whisper. 'Do you know what's happened?'

'He's going to keep me updated,' Justin said, revealing all he knew which was barely anything. 'I hope Frank is okay, though. He was always very kind to me at work.'

'Frank is a good man,' Rebecca said softly, falling into the same kind of trance Justin was under just minutes before.

'You know Frank?' Justin asked. He genuinely didn't realise his mother knew his boss.

Looking flushed, Rebecca scrambled for a quick explanation. 'Just from when I've come to visit you at work with your father. He would give me an extra shot in my cappuccino.'

Justin bought the story after Rebecca sold it with a smile.

'Tiffany is holding up okay, considering the death of her sister,' Justin further informed Rebecca, who listened with curiosity. 'Her other sisters haven't been bothered by Stacey's death at all! How horrible is that?'

'It's terrible. I always thought Tiffany and Stacey were the only good seeds to come from that family. Her mother was a piece of work; of course, it's such a shame she's been missing for all these years.'

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