Justin Rutherford: Someone Is Always Watching

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Rain descended upon Lakefield View as Justin escaped the subway station. He ran, fast, and he kept running despite his exasperated breaths. He ran and ran until the sky cleared. It allowed him to see the scoured remains of what used to be a peaceful night sky.

The bleak, cold wind felt welcome to Justin's sweating body, soon sending chilled drafts through the open ends of his sleeves. Never, in all his life, including the times he watched horror films with Hunter, had he been so terrified. He felt lucky to be alive, and that was when the guilt set in.

He started to run again. Justin gave an empathetic look at the sky. Hunter could be up there right now, he thought. Tears flooded from his eyes as he shut them hard, trying to think clearly of what he should do next. He focused on his course of action instead of the realisation that his heart was breaking.

Shooting down another street, he could see the bridge up in front, the bridge that separated Meadow Falls and Lakefield View. The police station wasn't far, and neither was the subway station he and Hunter entered, never knowing that only one of them would leave.

Justin could feel the beginnings of an emotional breakdown. If he wasn't so scared for his safety, he would have let it take over and fall to the ground. His legs felt so weak, but he kept going. Justin was always concerned for everyone he loved considering the dangerous town they lived in, knowing one day he'd have to face something like this. But it was all too soon – he wasn't prepared. The last death he had to face was the death of his grandmother years ago, and it was her time. It was not Hunter's time.

The bridge was almost empty. A nearby woman was taking photographs of the river below. Justin would have asked for help, but he didn't know who she was or if she was good or bad. The fact that she was out alone with a camera was worrying enough. If she doesn't get killed before the night is through, then she's probably a killer herself. A car passed through almost unnoticed, breaking Justin's attention on the woman. As long as he leaves her alone, she might leave him alone.

He could hear the ferocious clicking of her camera as soon as he turned his back. Justin wanted to look back at her but he controlled the impulse. The clicking sounded awfully familiar.

A fight was breaking out outside of a pub as he neared the station. The gang of people outside unnerved Justin. The violence displayed by the men, with women shouting at the top of their lungs at them, deterred him from asking for their help. He ran past them without making eye contact, hoping they would ignore him. Too many bad memories rushed back to him, like the time he was badly beaten outside of the very same pub when the punters first caught wind of him being gay. The police weren't helpful.

Once the pub was firmly behind him, Justin relaxed and slowed down. The running was a huge strain on his body; he felt his lungs tighten and his throat constrict. His brow was drenched in a coating of sweat and blood, causing his fringe to look floppy and wet. He wiped it with the sleeve of his shirt and continued towards the police station.

Minutes dragged past like hours until Justin was eventually at his destination. Fearing the dark of the parking lot, he walked in a straight line under each streetlamp he passed.

The sound of heels further up soon rang in his ears. He couldn't see who it was because of the number of cars parked; an unusual amount for this time of night. Justin weaved through a variety of cars before almost bumping into the owner of the loud heels.

'Justin?' Tiffany Hawkins said in surprise. Despite the sheer string of bad luck in the past hour, Justin's blessings were answered with the appearance of a familiar, and friendly, face.

'T-Tiffany...' Justin said with a cracked voice. He couldn't finish his sentence before he violently started to cry. Tiffany threw her arms around him and kept him from falling to his knees. She had never seen him so upset. In fact, she'd never seen anyone so upset, including herself and she had just lost her sister. Justin's eyes looked like they would fall from their sockets with the floods of water bursting from them. He wasn't quiet.

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