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An unfamiliar man is standing under the doorframe, frowining in anger. "That scream scared the shit out of me! Thought you killed her already! Remember, the fucker has to get here before you can kill her!" he shouts and I try to curl in a ball but I can't because of the chains.

(A.N. hehe betcha thought that was Harry)

"And at least cover her up or something, she did nothing wrong and doesn't deserve to be like this. We agreed that taking off her clothes was for the picture only."

I want to scream "thank you" and run to him and hug him, but his next words stop me.

"Though maybe It'd be better if the fucker sees her like this. Maybe even better if she'd be under you." he leans his head in thought, biting his lip.

"Yes! That's what I was thinking!" Tom shouts, rapidly nodding his head, standing up from excitement. "Can you imagine the look on his face? This bitch is the only thing he ever cared about and it wouldn't be only his anymore."

He laughs and the other guy gets a sinister smile on his face as well, but beween them laughing about Tom having his way with me, they don't notice the door slowly opening and another gun poking in, and three feet above the gun, a green eye, the colour of the forest, looks inside and lands on me.

The urge to histerically cry, shout or do anyhing, anything other than just sit here flows through me again, accompanied by the relief I've never felt before, but I know I have to stay silent and calm, so I do.

He doesn't waste any time, and quickly shots a bullet through the first guy's head, then another bullet in Tom's stomach, as fast as a lighting.

I let out an almost animalistic howl, struggling to breathe between the cries. All the shock that's been holding me back before has disappeared by now.

Harry doesn't react to my cries, only spares me a second to make sure I'm okay, then focuses on Tom, laying on the ground and holding his palm over the wound on his stomach.

I get the feeling that Harry shot him there because he didn't want him to die right away and I'm not sure how I feel about that.

"Really, Tom? You and your stupid gang prepared only three guys to wait for me and to try to kill me? Are you fucking dumb?" he asks and I swear I could die just from hearing his raspy voice again.

"What was the point of all this if you were going to make it so easy for me?" he asks and Tom only coughs weakly in response.

Harry chuckles at him, a deadly look in his eyes that would scare me if I wasn't so relieved to see him.

"You know, you scumbag, it can take up to half a day to die from a shot to the middle of the stomach, to where you've just been shot. I'd gladly leave you here to bleed out, but I don't want any risks with the piece of shit that you are, so..." he cocks his gun, just to emphisize his intention.

"Rot in hell, motherfucker." with those words, he sends a bullet through his skull.

As soon as he fires he bullet, he lets the gun fall from his hand to the ground and rushes towards me, holding my face is his hands. "Oh, fuck, you're okay, you're okay." he chants to himself and I lean my head in his palm.

"I'm okay." I smile. "Can you please untie me?" I ask and he starts nodding.

"Yeah, sure, how do I do that?" he looks around the room, and notices something on the chains that makes him frown.

"We need a key." with those words, he turns toward the two bodies and searches their pockets, thankfully pulling out a set of keys from Tom's pocket.

He spits on the body before unlocking my chains; he gets it right on the third key.

When he's done, he takes off his shirt and puts it on me to cover me up.

"Come on." he whispers and lifts me in his arms, kissing me in my temple and on the back of my head. "Let's get the fuck out of this place."

Turns out he parked five minutes away from the house because he knew they'd hear his car if he drove straight to the house with it.

He puts me on the passenger's seat, kissing the back of my head again, before putting a seat belt over me, then rushes to his side and speeds away from the place as quickly as possible.

We're in some completely unknown location to me, somewhere away from civilization I think, because there's trees everywhere I look.

"Where are we?" I ask Harry.

"An hour north from Seattle. No people anywhere. I could barely find this shithole." he mutters the last part and I turn my entire body towards him, concentrating on him.

He looks completely disstressed, his lip busted from biting it so much and his hair a complete mess.

He always did run his hand through his hair when he was under stress.

"Thank you for coming for me." I say quietly as I watch him and he glances toward me.

"You don't have to thank me. You know I never had a choice. Protecting you has always been and will always be my purpose." he tells me.

I sigh. "You can't think like that. There are many reasons why you've been sent to this earth."

He chuckles. "Yeah. To protect you and to turn this place upside down."


Well, there you go:D they're back together!

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