Chapter Twelve: I'm Tyler

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Mark's pov
   "What's that?"Vira asked me.

  " You've never heard of it?" I asked,completely shocked.Everyone knew what crackerbarrel was,right?

     "I heard you say it in a video before but I'm not exactly sure..."

   "We haven't either Mark. The orphanage only brought us to some places,not a lot," said Nick,glancing over at Pat.

    "Let's go eat dinner there. It's my favorite restaurant," I say,leading the way. 

     We head into my van.

    "Mark,is this safe? There aren't any seatbelts for us," Vira says,a little worriedly. "Maybe we could take a cab?"

    "It'll be fine guys. Anyways,I gotta go pick up Amy. She's coming with us to record a video. Tyler could bring you in his car,but we gotta get there first," I say. The kids all breath a sigh of relief.

   "Don't be too happy,we still have to get there first," I tease them.

Tyler's house,after picking up Amy...

Vira pov

  When the van stops,I jump out of it and kneel on the ground.

   "Sweet, sweet land! Finally!"  I exclaimed,making everyone crack up.
Nick pulls me up and I come face to face with Tyler.

     "Hi,I'm Tyler "he says his signature line,cracking me up.

     "Oh heeeeey Tyler,"  I say,making awkward finger guns.

    "Mark,you said two boys. Not two boys and two girls," he says,genuinely confused.

     "Come on Tyler,how do you not know how they are? The boys are mine,the girls are The Game Theorists, Matpat and Steph 's kids,Vira,the older one,and Ara,the little one."

    "Ohhhhh, you're Viralbutnotreally," he says,looking at me.

  "Nope,I'm Santa Claus,"  I say sarcasticly, making everyone laugh again.

     Well,seems like a good few days ahead.

      The Mark files,part 1(had to make a lame joke,forgot what ref this is but I love it)

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