The First Encounter

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"Why weren't you answering your phone, Dean?" My father's voice shouted from my speaker phone in the car.

"I was.. busy." I cleared my throat and started the car.

"Ooh! You were with a new one, weren't you?" He sighed, yet i could hear a hint of excitement.

"How did you know? I just said I was busy?" I asked in amusement.

He always knows when I'm with a woman. I guess he has someone following me.

"You cleared your throat, son. You cleared your throat." He stated with a serious tone and I laughed.

"Who was she? No, wait, how was she? Answer that one first." He asked.

"I told you before, dad, I'm not gonna talk about my sex life with you. You might as well stop asking."

"Fine!" He shouted and then I heard a typing sound.



"You're calling Jake, aren't you?" I shook my head and kept driving.

"Yes! If you're not gonna tell me then he is." He replied childishly.

"I didn't tell him yet, dad, I just got out of her house. I'm not even home yet." I stated.

"Well, at least tell me, is she the one?" He asked with so much hope that made me feel kinda bad.

"Seriously, dad?" I simply replied.

He knows me too well to know that I'm not the settling down type. And I'm not planning on becoming so anytime in the near future.

"I don't know how you do it. I mean, do you sneak out or do they just let you go?" He asked instead.

"They never let him go." I heard Jake's voice.

"You picked up! At two in the morning! Oh, dear god!" I gasped jokingly.

"Sleeping beauty has finally awakened." My dad stated.

"Are you finished? Or do I need to hang up on both of you?" Jake asked, not amused.

I frowned when i noticed i took a wrong turn somewhere.

"We're just teasing you, son."

"I'm not your son. He is." Jake replied as I was looking around in this deadly silent street.

"Ouch! I'm gonna tell your father you said that!"

"Sure you are, Max."

"Guys. I guess I took a wrong turn. I'm gonna hang up now." I interrupted.

"Why, where are you?" Dad asked.

I looked around again but I didn't find any signs.

"I don't know. I'll see what the GPS says. Bye now."

"Call me when you get home." Jake said.

"Alright, Mom." I teased before I hung up.

"Now.. Where are we?" I asked myself as I took another turn then suddenly slowed the car to a stop when I saw a woman.

She was walking and dragging after her two suitcases that looked too heavy for her small arms.

God, she's beautiful.. and too damn sexy in that short white dress.

She sat on a bench and looked around her carefully. I turned off the lights of the car fast before my mind could think. She looked sad and defeated. She made sure no one was around and then she took off her heels.

Her legs are short and fucking sexy. Her dress is revealing almost half of her thighs and god help me to stop my imagination from going wild.

Then suddenly she burst out crying.

Why is she crying? She shouldn't be crying? She's too.. small.. to be crying like that!

She was sobbing uncontrollably and the sound of her crying was annoying me to the extreme, with no logical explanation.

What the hell happened to her to cry in the middle of the night in the street?! Did her parents kick her out? Why would someone kick that angel out?! She looks too innocent to do something wrong that causes her to get kicked out.

I found myself opening my car's door but then I closed it back quietly.

Wait, why do i care?

Well, I don't think she needs to see anyone right now, anyway. Not a stranger at least. Besides, obviously something big happened to her. She needs to get it out. I'll wait till she finishes crying then I'll go talk to her.

That was when for some insane reason my heart ached.

I don't know why, but seeing her like that.. Hurts. As much as it annoys the shit out of me.

What the hell am I doing? I've been sitting here for half an hour watching a girl cry her eyes out! And it's really bothering me. She looks too hurt that I feel like smashing something! I want her to stop! I want her to feel better. Why do I want her to stop? How come i care? This is driving me insane.

Every passing moment of her crying is making me angrier and angrier! What is wrong with her? What is wrong with ME?

Another half an hour has passed and I can't keep admiring everything about her. Her beautiful waved blonde hair. Her killer body. Her beautiful face that got ruined by someone I wish I knew who so I can go and break their fucking jaw!

I can't take it anymore. I'm too annoyed AND turned on! Something is definitely wrong with me that i need to sort out with myself later, but more importantly, she has to stop crying. Seriously, an hour is enough crying for her or else she'll get a major headache.

God, I'm a freak..

Besides why the hell is she crying in the fucking street?! In this dead street! She should go to a friend or something.

Then, of course, the annoying little fucking voice in the back of my damn head just had to keep antagonizing me and said, "Why the fuck do you even care? You've never did before when a woman cried. Even when it was because of you."

"Yes, I'm a one-night-stand type of a guy, but i never lead any woman on or make her think there's more to it than just that. They all know one night is all they've got with me and they agree. Their choice." i defended myself and that shut him up.

I opened my door and walked to the bench, the only light pole in the whole street and the most beautiful and sexist woman I had ever laid my eyes on.

"Are you okay?" I asked from beside her.

She gasped, jumped off the bench and took a few steps away from me.

Why is she scared of me? Why did she back away?

Because you're a stranger and she's all alone, crying in the middle of the street, jackass!

My mind was questioning and answering itself when I noticed the small pieces of glass around where she was standing barefoot.

Now that I'm closer.. god, She. Is. HOT. She shouldn't be wearing that dress or standing barefoot in front of me. And her eyes.. beside that she has bags now under them.. are so beautifully blue.

Didn't you just sleep with a girl? What was her name again?

"Who the hell are you?" She wiped her tears faster than I liked.

"I believe you should sit down." I stated.

Great, now you sound like her employer.

"What?" She frowned in confusion.

I know, i know, he might seem like a pig now, but trust me, you would want to read on! Love changes us in the most unexpected ways..

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