"Thank you, a pleasure working with you Mr. Krampf."  Enrico shook hand with our business partner, as a new tie between an American and a German company was built. I now realized why Enrico suggested the casual attire, our partner was a young billionaire, reminded me of Jesse minus the relaxed personality, and he wanted to made things less strained and tensed. It worked, I not nervous and enjoying the exchange made between the two.

Mr. Leon was quite flirtatious too, which made me realized the guy was really laid back and chill. Sometimes my eyes flickered to Enrico who had a tight clenched jaw, as if ready to punch him for another cheesy lines.

Putting all that aside, soon we drove away to our hotel. Germany was beautiful, it was most likely nice to walk rather than being driven in the back of a fancy car, but since the hotel was quite far from the meeting building we needed a ride. Or as what Mr. Leon put it earlier with his thick heavy German accent, "A lady such as yourself should be inside an expensive car, wearing an expensive dress and going to expensive places."

Man didn't Enrico pulled me inside the car swiftly after, hiding me from Leon's hungry gaze. I didn't see it that way though, the man was just young I guess. It's not like he was saying anything inappropriate.

After checking in for two rooms, we both went separate ways to get some rest needed.

Just as I was about to head out to my floor, Enrico's voice stopped me, "Come out during lunch, I want to take you to this restaurant. I heard its quite famous for its German cuisine."

"Sounds great, see you in 2 hours." I waved Rico good-bye and enter room number 120, feeling excited for lunch already.

I had already forgotten about Jesse; I didn't bade him good-bye from the plane. I was about to, but he was gone before I could. But I was pretty sure he would find me somehow.

The room was spectacular, it shouted 5 stars all the way. There was a kitchen, living room adjoining balcony where I could see the private beach view and one king size bed- bed room. I dropped my suitcase and lay on the bed to gain a 5 minutes recharge energy for my body.

This bed is so comfortable, more comfortable than life.

I folded Jesse's sweater, stripped off my clothes and took a nice warm bath. They provided us guest with different scented liquid bath gel, and I opted for some chocolate and vanilla. Maybe I was hungry, hmm. When was lunch again?

After refreshing  my self, I wore a brown knee high autumn dress, and beige pump. The dress was simple, it doesn't scream overdress but not underdress as well. I tied my hair in a bun and put on a chocolate marble earring. I decided to have a free make up lunch, so I only applied a bit of face cream with mascara and nude lipgloss.

At 12 Enrico was already knocking on my door, right on time, wearing a different outfit. Slightly more formal.

As we descended down to the main lobby, I couldn't help but admire the glass elevator that overlook the cities. Germany was indeed spectacular.

"You look fantastic," Enrico complimented. Snapping me out of my daydream, I focused back towards his warm brown eyes.

" And you don't look bad yourself," I smile.

"When do I ever look bad," he joked as we stepped out to the main lobby. My face wrinkled with laughter, but he didn't. I couldn't help but wonder when, abruptly Jesse stop in front of us. In a way blocking us from leaving. He looked from Rico then to me, and I could see anger clouded his eyes, even with the calm passive exterior.

I was nervous.

"Good afernoon Mr. Jesse," I greeted him.

What the fuck is he doing in this hotel too!

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