"What do you need?" Brian asked

"Well I thought maybe we could talk...maybe about last night or you know." I said.

David stood up and handed me a beer. I took it f opened it and started to drink. I took a sit on a wooden chair on the porch. Brian started talking first, explaining what they were and what they did. They were known as the Cribs, a LS gang. They were basically just gang bangers, robbing and dealing drugs, the usual gangster things. Yet the big guy that beat the shit out of me last night was just one of many "lieutenant's" in the gang. And they also talked of their rivals, the reds. Our colors are blue, any blue in fact thats why you see the blue every where around here. The Red's color is obviously red, I remember that day I walked through their neighborhood and saw all the red. We then started talking about their agreement. They stay on their side, we stay on our side, anyone crosses, its "fair game". Meaning shoot to kill.

Any rules broken, would probably lead up to a war of some kind. Now that I'm in, I must obey these rules. If one man break a rule, causing conflict, its up to the upper leaders of the group to decide your punishment, either a job, no longer in the gang, or death. They were talking about it last night what my punishment would be. Surprised I asked what rule I broke. They told me and I actually broke a "friendly fire" rule. Its were If you cause pain or hurt a fellow gang member part of your gang without the say so to do so, you would get punished. I shot the guy yesterday, and fought the others, breaking friendly fire. They said I was to new to be banned, and they didn't want to kill me after hearing what I can do after that one night, so they decided to assign me a job. I was supposed to be told it some time today. We just didn't know when.

As soon as we went quiet for a bout a second a four door car pulled up right in front of me and the driver stuck his head out the window. He threw me a gun, the same one that used last night. I checked the mag, it still only had twelve shots in it. The guy then threw a sawed off shot gun to David.

"Lets go man, he needs us at the spot yo." the man said. We all walked of the porch and into the car. He sped of, breaking the speed limit toward the factory. He handed a Uzi to Brian about a minute before pulling up. "I like those colors on you, for real." he said looking at my blue jacket. We pulled up at the factory, but instead of pulling in to the parking lot, we pulled over on the side of the road. We all hopped out the car. I peeked over the railing dividing the road, to the parking lot and saw why we were so needed. A group of people in blue A.K.A us, or the cribs were having a stand off with some Reds. Each one had a gun to each other. The driver of the car went to retrieve something out his trunk. David followed. He pulled out a sniper rifle, he also pulled a MP5, He took position at the railing. David handed me the MP5 and tapped Brian on the arm.

We all ran over behind a shipping container, in perfect view of the lot. Brian and I stayed there as David went alone to go take position by a cinderblock wall. I leaned over to Brian, and he was already ready to fire. "What the fuck is this?" I asked.

"Reds wanting to cause trouble, happens every week and so." he said adjusting his gun. I looked around the corner and was just in time to see a bullet go right through then head of one of the Reds. All hell broke out after that, Reds didn't even know what was going on by the time our guys started shooting. Brian didn't shoot so I didn't ether. Our sniper was picking people off tho. The remaining Reds hopped in their car and sped toward us, since we were next to the paring lot exit. Then Brian yelled out "Now!" and we both opened fire on the escaping vehicles. Not thinking I just held down the trigger while aiming toward the car. I knew I hit the driver after seeing the windshield shatter and the car spinning out, crashing into the other one next to it. The survivors exited the car, ready to shoot back. I was out of ammo and Brian was finishing up his last couple.

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