Chapter 1 [edited]

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There are many reasons why I have started to write this story, but I hope you enjoy it!

This story is partly based on my life, but only some facts.

If you see any grammar or spelling mistakes, please don't wonder or judge me, because I get easily distracted :)

Hope you'll enjoy it ♥


Rose's POV



"Mum but why?! Why can't I go outside to meet my friends? I'm particularly studying all day and I need a break.", I cried.

"You are asking me why I don't allow you to meet your friends?! You have to study to get good marks and 'your friends' aren't good ones. You are wasting your time. Just shut up and go to your room!", she yelled me.

Before I went to my room, I had to say her something:"I don't understand. Why can my three years younger sister meet her friends every time she wants to and I cant? I'm fourteen ! You are so unfair!"

Afterwards I ran upstairs to my room and jumped on top of my bed. I hate so much my Mum because she says that I was treated like a typical teenager but this wasn't true. I never meet my friends after school, go shopping or go to the cinema. That's life? For me it wasn't.

Crying, I stood up and went to my desk to turn on my laptop . If I was not allowed to meet my friends, I can talk to my Internet friends.

I logged me into Twitter and went through my new interactions. I've got some new followers and a new message from someone I didn't know.

@bradleywillsimpson - Don't be sad sometimes things happen and you need to stay strong.

Immediately I replied:

@roseWoods-@bradleywillsimpson Thank you for your nice words. I know life can be hard and cruel but I feel so lonely. I wish you could be here... xX

-Flashback finished-

I wondered how would be my life today if I haven't met him.

I never thought that our friendship would last so long if you get what I mean.

A lot of people make new friends through the internet every day. But not every friendship we make there is close.

However, I had luck that I met someone.


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