the dream.

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i laid, nose-deep, in bubbles in charlie's huge jacuzzi tub.  i'd hauled all the candles from arabella's bathroom into charlie's and set them around the tub.  there was soft music in the background.  i was completely and utterly relaxed.

that's when the door cracked open slowly.  he stepped in.  his jeans, his white t-shirt, they were skin tight on his body.  his black leather jacket hung off his shoulders like it had been designed specifically for him.

he grinned devilishly, "what are you doing here?"

"relaxing," i smirked.

his smile got wider and there was a fire in his eyes as he sat on the edge of the tub.  "i was hoping i would see you," he said.

"why's that?" i asked.

he bit his lip and reached into the water.  suddenly, i was swept into his arms.  i was dripping water everywhere, but he didn't complain.  his warm, soft lips found my neck and i let my head fall back against his toned forearm.  "oh, charlie," i whispered.

he went to the far side of the bed and laid me on my stomach.  i felt so vulnerable, my naked butt exposed.  he sucked on the nape of my neck, and from there, kissed all down my back.  he moved his tongue up along my spine, and then, i felt it.

he was inside me.  i let out a moan.

"god," i heard him whisper.  he kept thrusting, harder each time, in a slow rhythm.  i braced myself each time by holding tightly to his comforter.

then he pulled out.  is it over? i wondered.  oh god! please don't let it be over!

i felt him move to the floor behind me.  his hand trailed down my back, and he moved my legs further apart.  suddenly and without warning, i felt something wet and warm inside me.  his tongue was flicking in and out, up and around inside of me.

i could feel the heat pounding inside my veins.  i let out a loud moan as my knees went weak.  charlie scooped me up and laid me on the bed on my back.  "holy shit," he whispered as he looked my body up and down.  he wrapped his arms around my shoulders and began thrusting again.

there was a pressure building in my stomach.  "ch-ch-char-" i began to moan.  i couldn't handle the pleasure i was feeling.

"nora," he moaned.

then his moan became clearer.


my body began to shake.

"nora!" his voice was loud and sharp.

my eyes flew open.  i looked around, confused.  charlie stood over me in a long black coat, red flannel and torn up jeans.

"what are you doing in here?" he asked.

"where am i?" i asked.  my throat was scratchy and dry.  my body was freezing in the cold bath water.  i looked to my right to see three candles completely burnt in their jars.

charlie pushed my hair back.  "you fell asleep in my bathtub," he chuckled.

i started to sit up, but realized the majority of the bubbles had deteriorated, so i would be exposed.  i sunk down farther, trying to hide my naked body.  "i'm sorry," i blushed.  "they're re-doing ari's bedroom and d.j. said you were out for the night."

charlie rubbed his left cheek.  "it's two in the morning," he smiled.  then he pushed himself off of the edge of the tub and grabbed a fluffy, dark emerald green towel out of the warmer and extended it to me.

i rubbed my eyes, "i'm so sorry!" i said, hurriedly as i grabbed the towel.

he turned his eyes as i wrapped in the towel.  he turned back to me as i began shivering.

"holy shit, nor," he said as he rubbed his hands up and down my arms to create friction.  "how long were you in there?"

i shrugged.  "i got in at like seven-thirty."

charlie's eyes bulged.  "you were in there for over seven hours?!" he exclaimed.

"i-i-i don't k-k-k-know-w-w-h-n-n i f-fe-fe-fell as-s-as-leep." my teeth began chattering hard.

charlie rubbed his forehead.  "okay, well, let's get you into bed."

he guided me out the door from behind.  i started to walk toward his bed, but he turned my shoulders toward the door.  "i, uh, i'm expecting... company," he said quietly.

"oh," i replied awkwardly.

why was i hurt?  it's not like we were dating.  we'd just shared one kiss.  i didn't have any claim over him, and he had none over me.

he opened the door, and i stepped out in the hallway, completely naked, except for the towel that hung loosely around my body.  the door shut tightly behind me.

arabella's room had two entrances, one diagonally across from d.j.'s room in his hallway, and straight across from charlie's room in his hallway.  i wanted to run straight through and jump into d.j.'s room, jump into his bed, hide under the covers and cry, with my best friend protecting me from all the bad things in my life.

but, i didn't.  i opened the door to arabella's room.  it was the biggest of the three kids' rooms.  the walls were a rose color with white trim, the floors were a dark stained hardwood that only showed on the edges of the room, the rest was covered by a fluffy white rug that felt like a cloud.    just before her fall out with the king and queen, arabella had put a new floral print comforter that made you feel like you were wrapped in a hug.

i longed to dive right into it as i dropped charlie's towel to the ground.  the door to ari's room was cracked.  i reached into my duffel bag and pulled out a pair of shortie-button up pajamas.  as i swung my hair up into a ponytail, i saw her.  she stood at the door, her long strawberry-blonde hair was curled at the ends and laid across her back.  she had on a black leather jacket, the tightest skinny jeans i'd ever seen, and knee-high high-heeled boots.  i could tell she was absolutely gorgeous.

she disappeared into charlie's room, and i felt my blood boil.  i looked down at the floor.  there it lay, the green towel.  i picked it up and slipped through the crack in ari's door.  i threw the door to charlie's room open and chucked the towel into the room, slamming the door behind me as soon as the towel cleared the doorframe.

"what was that?" the blonde asked.

"just my brother's little friend," i heard charlie replied.

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