I woke up the next morning to Zayn jumping on my bed singing One Direction Best Song Ever really badly with his headphones in he was wearing his Pikachu onsie. I looked over to Sammy's bed to see she wasnt there Zayn took his headphones out and saw where I was looking

"Sam's in the shower so wakey wakey put on your Stitch onsie its at the bottom of your bed. I'm going for breakfast " he walked out to go downstairs and i got changed Sammy waled in when I fineshed

" Morning princess, how'd ya sleep? "

" Good till Zayn woke me up" she laughed a little then walked into her closet and cam ot in her Cookie Monster onsie she took my hand and walked me down stairs. Sophia was linstening to some Spanish music

"Buenos días girls breakfast is on the table how are you both? " we sat down and Sammy answered

" we're really good aren't we Lex?  She's going off out later do you need Charlie to drive you? "

" No he's picking me up"  she smiled as I said he. 

"oh so it is a he Zayn you owe me ten pound babe I told you it was a date. "  Sophia looked at me and sighed

" you're growing up Alex it seems like yesterday you were telling me, boys had 'cooties'"

"Was it the boy from your birthday? Where are you going?  Are you dating now?... " Zayn put his hand on Sammy's mouth

"Sam calm down Lexies got it under control, haven't you babe.  You can' t heep protecting her,  olay babe don't cry ok."  Sammy was crying so we both hugged herSammy nodded wiping away her tears,

"I'm sorry Lex I know you can look after yourself I just worry about you ok. You're like my babysister." I nodded and hugged her

"I'm sorry i should have told you, we tell each other everything."

"You told Jaymi didn't you?" I nodded looking down at my feet 

"I'm upset you wouldn't tell me but I understand. Do you want me to help you get ready princess?" she took my hand

"Sam you do realise I'm not going till 6 and its only 11?" 

"I know were going shopping for a new outfit for you, Zayn you coming ?" he laughed 

"You only want me to come so I can carry the bags, but I will come to keep Lex sane" I laughed and Sammy shook her head 

"As cute as we look dressed as Pikachu, cookie monster and stitch we cant go to town like it so lets get changed" we got changed i wore a yellow summer dress with white wedges and Sammy wore her black skinny jeans with a blue top and black converse. Zayn drove us to town, we went to river island and Sammy went straight for a leather biker jacket with silver small studs on the shoulders she found my size and chucked it to Zayn

"See i told you i would end up being the trolley and bag carrier" we both laughed. 

"Lex you can wear that jacket, and Uhm where did you say you were going again?"

"Bowling with his friends"

"Okay," she walked over to a floaty white dress top with butterflies on. 

"Do you like this princess?" I looked at her like she had two heads

"Sam its a dress with butterflies of course i love it you tink." she laughed and looked at matt he held his arms out and she placed the top in his arms.

"Do you want leggings or jeans?" 

"I don't know Zayn ? Help" he put on a gok wan voice 

"well darling im glad you asked cause i think you would look gorgeous in skinny black jeans with you're pinky white wedges" Sammy looked at Zayn like he had invented something. 

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