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Never Let Me Go

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I couldn't stand it anymore! They never listen to what i have to say! They don't care about me at all! So i'm going whether they like it or not. I'm not going to miss a free concert held by justin bieber.


"Keira! Get your ass out of bed!" My mother yells out to me.

"I'm coming!" I quickly grab my things and run down the stairs.

"Oh. So you're already dressed? Then why didn't you come down and help your mother?" My dad questions me.

"I fixed my things." I told him.

"So? You think you're more important than your mother now? She brought you here! Show some courtesy." I bowed my head.

"You're right. I'm sorry."

"Good. Now since you didn't bother to help your mother this morning, no breakfast. Now get to school!"

"Yes. Sorry." I got out of that house as quickly as I could.

"It's going to rain." I said to myself but I didn't want to go back into the house for an umbrella.

The walk to school was normally long. I took in the scent of my surroundings. I took in the sights. And...

"Sweetie! You forgot your lunch box!"

"Oh! Sorry mom!"

"It's alright. Here you go."

"Thanks mom."

"Hey! How about me? I made your sandwich." The kid giggled.

"Thank you too dad." They had a big group hug and I just started to walk faster.

They're so lucky. They have such a happy family. So much love surrounding them. I can't believe I was born to suffer under my own parents. No one can ever understand my situation. My parents already told the teachers I had a problem. I think it got to the students too. I don't have a single friend but no one bullies me. Some people think it's alright while some think it's weird. I just think it sucks.

I get to the school and head for my locker.

"Tony asked you out to the prom?!"

"Yep. He even gave me a ring girls! Check it out!"

"Wow! Why would he date a sci fi geek like you?"


"It's a shock! Just being honest."

"Maybe we'll change the system."

"Maybe it's a prank."

"Quit it!"

"Again. Honest."

I wish I had friends I could tease at school. And who would tease me back. I just wish I had friends but...

"Oh. Don't look now. She's staring at us again."


"Why does she always have to give me the creeps first thing in the morning?!" They shut their lockers and leave.

Darn it Keira! Stop staring at people.

People don't talk to me on teacher's instructions and also because of the cuts. No. I don't cut myself. Another precautionary method my parents use so no one comes near me. How are cuts suppose to send people away? Well, parents don't like their children hanging around suicidal cases. Also, when my parents find out I have a friend, thy give me a cut. Weird abusive parents. Even the teachers are afraid of them. My life just sucked since I came out of that woman's womb. I really can't accept that I am related to them.

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