Chapter #6: Training Quirk Exercises

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(Y/N) P.O.V

For the first time in your life you were really excited about school HIGH SCHOOL

'I can't wait' you thought to yourself because tomorrow is the day you go to U.A

{TIMESKIP}=When your leaving for school

You hopped outside your door ready for your first day

When you arived you started thinking about which room your in you look at the back of the letter that was sent to you 'Class 1-A' you think to yourself

When you arrived at the classroom you noticed how big the door was
But you decided to pay no attention towards the door

When you walked in you were surprised and happy to see Midoriya in the classroom but before you went over to Midoriya you realized that Bakugou was in the classroom as well

You sighed and walked over to Midoriya

(Y/N): Hey Midoriya looks like were in the same classroom

Midoriya turned around shocked and hugged you

Midoriya: (Y/N)!!! Welp we both kept our promises

Before you could respond a grown man in a Catapiler suit came crawling into the room

You noticed how everyone was staring confused 'Is it really that hard to realise that he's our teacher' you facepalmed

After everyone understood they finally sat down you taking the seat infront of Midoriya

Mr. Aizawa: Alright today we will be doing training exercises

You looked around and saw people getting excited you looked back at your teacher 'Alright!!' You think to yourself getting ready

Mr.Aizawa: Also for this activity you will need your gym clothes on

And after he said that he told us to go into our gym locker rooms and we all went of course

After we got out he asked Bakugou to give a demonstration of one of the exercises a ball throw

Bakugou put his arm back and threw the ball forward uaing his quirk screaming die

'Does he even want to be a hero' you thought to your self after hearing what he said

705.2 you hear Aizawa say

after a red head kid screamed

Red headed kid:That looks like fun

Mr.Aizawa: Fun huh? well then how about this whoever comes last place gets expelled out of the school

Everyone gasped at this except for me and a couple of other kids

'Wow they really just lied to make people try harder' you thought to yourself

'Well whatever' you Shrugged

For the first activity he called me and Ilda to do a race

Ready set go

(Y/N):Time Freeze! You scream

You turned to look at Ilda in amazement that he was half way done

You walked forward pass Ilda and to the other side

(Y/N):Time Unfreeze! you scream

Then Ilda finnished with 3.08

And me with 1.02

You walked past Ilda mumbling something but you didn't care and waited for the next one

After a bunch of other obsticals
You finally got to the last one it was a ball throw you smerked as you thought of an idea when you were called up. you screamed "Time Freeze"

You walked over to Mr.Aizawa and closed his eyes so he couldn't see you
You walked in to the gym room and grabbed a baseball bat 'Took about 2 minutes you say to yourself as you walked outside you picked the ball that tou were supposed to throw and hit it with the baseball bat

You were happy when you realised that the ball wouldn't move unless you touch it

You walked back in side threw away the bat fast because a piece of you finger nail just erased itself crap 5 minutes passed you ran back and screamed 'Time unfreeze' amazed as you saw your classmates gasp at how far the ball went 905.3

You amazed yourself at how hard you hit the ball

After your turn Midoriya went but when you returned to the line Bakugou started screaming how did I do that and he was pissed but what came next was when Midoriya threw the ball I was confused because that Wasen't the power Midoriya used to distroy the robot untill Mr.Aizawa said"I erased your quirk"

'So thats his quirk' you thought to yourself

When he gave Midoriya a 2 chance Midoriya threw the ball and it started creating wind waves and he got 705.3 1 point higher than Bakugou

I ended up getting 3 place and Midoriya last

Until Mr.Aizawa said that he was jokeing but I knew that already after we all got changed back into our normal clothes we were told that the next days we would be doing team battles where 2 teams hero teams and villam team will fight and we will end up learning what Quirks we all have 'hmmm' you thought this could get interesting

Sorry I wasn't Publishing
There are 2 reasons
1. I thought everyone was enjoying themselfs cuz no one wants to read my books on a day its sbowing
2.Because I was tryimg to think of something special to do on Christmas
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