The Stolen Cake

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Inspired by a true story...


Aunty Liz was a prima donna

She planned a regal birthday break

In a land where the sun never sets

She searched for the  perfect cake


Cousin David, the spoiled birthday boy

His gluttony gave her a headache

He demanded, “bring me the best piece

Liz, please, my well-being is at stake.”


Poor Felice was the baker they know

She had got the best piece of gateau

So Liz promised “the cake is yours

Dave, if you can break in and take.”


David nodded and gave an impish leer

His wicked plan of which he didn't steer

Snatch the dessert she saved for her dear

Kids, That took a thousand years to bake


Poor Felice was in great distress

She lost all she had to feed her kids

Uncle Sam chimed amid the mess

“Ignore Felice. Her grievance is fake."


"Cake is promised for Dave since birth

He deserved it for wandering the Earth

He shall take it all, for what it's worth

It's a promise we shall not forsake.”


“Thieves! You stole my sole property

My bakery shop was my only fee,”

Felice cried, while robbed by the three

Who paid no heed to this mistake


Felice was stripped of her realty

With the blessing of the world to see

For the most powerful agreed

To make the weak bow to their greed


A century passed and Felice weakened

Under the siege of Sam and David

Who fooled the world with their misdeed  

And now the bakery and cake they seized

A shameless crime to undertake


And aunty Liz, who started this

Now in the shadows hiding she is

As if she didn't grant the wish of his

Down with Felice, for David's sake


That was the story that doesn't end

For the stolen cake we'll fight and fend

The false promise someday will end

So long as we could stay awake

To resist he who should not give

And repel he who should not take


Hello dear ones. I hope you enjoyed this poem, which I consider quite different from my other works.

I would love to read your interpretation of this one if you're interested...

Much love


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